innominate veins

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in·nom·i·nate veins

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bra·chi·o·ce·phal·ic veins

(brā'kē-ō-se-fal'ik vānz)
Formed by the union of the internal jugular and subclavian veins; other tributaries of the right brachiocephalic vein are the rightvertebral and internal thoracic veins, and the right lymphatic duct; other tributaries of the left brachiocephalic vein are the left vertebral, internal thoracic, superior intercostal, thyroidea ima, and various anterior pericardial, bronchial, mediastinal veins, and the thoracic duct.
Synonym(s): venae brachiocephalicae [TA] , innominate veins.
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Obstruction involved subclavian vein in all cases and also extended into innominate vein in only one case.
Stent dilation of superior vena cava and innominate vein obstructions permits transvenous pacing lead implantation.