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nameless, anonymous, such as the innominate artery or vein. See anatomic Tables of Arteries and Veins in the Appendices.
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Without name; a term formerly applied to the large vessels in the thorax (now called the brachiocephalic trunk and vein) and the hip bone.
Synonym(s): anonyma
[L. innominatus, fr. in- neg. + nomen (nomin-), name]
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Without name; a term formerly applied to the large vessels in the thorax (now called the brachiocephalic trunk and vein) and the hip bone.
Synonym(s): innominate.
[G. an- priv. + onyma, name]
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  1. a short artery arising from the AORTA that gives rise to the subclavian and carotid arteries.
  2. the fusion of ilium, ischium and pubis to form a single bone forming half of the PELVIC GIRDLE.
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As for the postoperative complications of surgery for substernal goiters, they have been reported to include pneumonia, atelectasis, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, and innominate vein injuries, etc., which seem to be characteristic complications of mediastinal surgical procedures [16].
In this case, the patient was elected by clinical judgment to be kept intubated for 48 hours, pending future bronchoscopy for mucosal healing before extubation due to the degree of tension placed on the 4 cm sleeve anastomosis intraoperatively and the proximity of the tracheal anastomosis to the innominate artery--clinically anastomotic failure was deemed to be highly morbid in this diabetic, morbidly obese man.
Instead of passing into the innominate vein, the left internal jugular central catheter appeared to be radiologically located in the left hemithorax (Figure 1).
(b-d) Fluoroscopy with last-image hold images showing a guidewire stepwise navigated through the AJVS crossover to the right side and from here through the right innominate vein along the pacemaker leads into the inferior vena cava.
Dunmire (1955) did not suggest the specimens of known sex he measured represented all possible sex-related variability in innominate dimensions.
Surgical and endovascular management of penetrating innominate artery injuries.
Asymmetric PSIS locations may imply opposed rotations of the innominate bones, wherein the bone on the side of the inferior PSIS has rotated posteriorly in relation to the other side, which in turn is judged to have rotated anteriorly.
The mass compressed both the innominate and the left internal jugular vein.
(3) The modified Blalock-Taussig shunt is a systemic-to-pulmonary artery shunt that uses a PTFE interposition graft between the innominate artery and the right branch pulmonary artery (with left aortic arch) to palliate until definitive correction can be achieved.
[11] evaluated 20 triple innominate osteotomies for Perthes' disease.
The incidence of lymphoma in innominate bones is very rare [3].