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 [ĭ-nok´u-lum] (pl. inoc´ula) (L.)
material used in inoculation.
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19, 2011, Abrajano informed then Polillo Mayor George Verzosa about the fund release as per the local official's "funding request" for the purchase of "effective microorganisms probiotics microbial innoculant for antidengue."
Manuel "Lito" Lapid provided P5 million from his pork, formally called Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), in 2011 for the purchase of "antidengue innoculants" to Polillo town in Quezon province, although there was no reported case of dengue fever in the municipality that year.
The worms should come with some innoculant or "starter culture," which is some of the vermicompost from their former bin.
Protein preservation and ruminal degradation of ensiled forage treated with heat, formic acid, ammonia or microbial innoculant. J.
The present study was conducted to analyse the biodegradation rate of bagasse using Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Trichoderma viride and a mixed culture of Trichoderma viride and Phanerochaete chrysosporium as a fungal innoculant.
The obsessiveness with which Cape musicians imitated Western jazz and pop music and singers was simultaneously an obverse expression of and an excellent innoculant against the increasing obsessiveness of the Apartheid regime in the 1950s.
* Third layer: One inch of soil serves as an innoculant by adding microorganisms to the heap.
It requires seed, soil mineralization, fertilization and biological innoculants to supply nutrient-dense food for beef.
Don Chapman, president of Bio-Organics, a company that promotes mycorrhizal innoculants, says plants and the soil food web are "linked by many millions of years of evolution together.
But as with any bean, adding innoculants to your soy crop will both allow plants to better fix nitrogen in the soil and improve the yield.