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International Nonproprietary Names, the designations recommended by the World Health Organization for pharmaceuticals.
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A proteasome inhibitor which induces apoptosis in cancer cells, and inhibits binding to stromal cells and production of growth and survival factors.

Treatment-refractory myeloma (35% response rate), mantle cell lymphoma.
Adverse effects
Thrombocytopaenia, fatigue, peripheral neuropathy, neutropaenia. 
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Slamming the door behind him, the innkeeper left the room.
"Scoundrel, what are you doing?" shouted the innkeeper, rushing to the cook.
On the sloping descent to the Dnieper Alpatych's cart and that of the innkeeper's wife, which were slowly moving amid the rows of soldiers and of other vehicles, had to stop.
You are gentlemen, and I am a poor innkeeper. You will have pity on me."
"Funny fellow!" pronounced the innkeeper. "And why don't you work, why aren't you at your duty, if you are in the service?"
"No matter, sir, no matter!" he went on hurriedly and with apparent composure when both the boys at the counter guffawed and even the innkeeper smiled--"No matter, I am not confounded by the wagging of their heads; for everyone knows everything about it already, and all that is secret is made open.
daily for reservations at 888-565-3980 to reach a personal innkeeper who will answer questions and book your getaway.
He was one of the three wise men and, eager to see the baby Jesus, had one line to sing to the innkeeper: "May I see him too?" It was so out of tune, the entire audience gasped as one.
In response, Haynes-Garrett asserted that the Dunns owed her the same duty that an innkeeper owes its guest.
legal right as an innkeeper to evict the unwelcomed guest.
But with traveling comes the possibilities of an inhospitable host or innkeeper, theft of personal belongings, or unsafe accommodations, among others.
Essex-born Jim, 54 - who played Leaky Cauldron innkeeper Tom in 2004's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - suffered a broken neck, leg, punctured lung, multiple broken ribs and a fracwas tured breastbone in the head-on smash.