inner membrane

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in·ner mem·brane

the smaller of a double membrane.
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Since the restoration of the inner cellular ATP plays a significant role in the recovery of the cell, mitochondrial damage is involved in many nephropathies such as acute kidney injury and renal fibrosis.[15] Uncoupling protein 2 (UCP2) belongs to mitochondrial anion-carrier proteins protein, which locates on the mitochondrial inner membrane and exists in many organs.[16] In the study of Jiang et al .,[17] UCP2 could be remarkably induced by transforming growth factor-[sz]1 (TGF-[sz]1) and targeted by miR-30e, which belongs to the family of endogenous noncoding RNA, and the downregulation of miR-30e could trigger the upregulation of UPC2.
The Gore-Tex inner membrane makes the boots properly waterproof, keeping your feet warm and dry in a unexpected shower of the more torrential of downpours.
LapB likely acts as a scaffold or chaperone for inner membrane proteins involved in LPS synthesis and transport including FtsH, LpxM, and WaaC [34].
For that reason, mitochondria manufacture CoQ10 inside the inner membrane and this is why the effectiveness of exogenous CoQ10 is significantly limited by its inability to reach the mitochondria.
A contributor to mitochondrial dysfunction is the opening of a hole in the mitochondrial inner membrane that decreases their ability to produce energy.
SCARFSKIN A Outermost layer of skin B Inner membrane C Waterproof covering who am I?
Large electron-dense mt-division rings (outer and inner membrane MD-rings) were observed and, as predicted by the discovery of PD rings in C.
The Salmonella envelope is composed of an inner membrane and an outer membrane that interacts with the outside world.
With just a gentle squeeze, the inner membrane ruptures, dispensing its contents.
The classical mitochondrial ultrastructural features, consisting of an outer membrane and an inner membrane containing invaginations that comprise the matrix-rich cristae, are specifically modified in a tissue-specific manner in order to meet cellular-explicit energy demands.

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