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To wound, hurt, or harm.


tr.v. in·jured, in·juring, in·jures
a. To cause physical harm to; hurt: The accident injured the passengers. The fall injured his knee.
b. To experience injury in (oneself or a body part): She injured her ankle climbing down the hill.
a. To cause damage to; impair: The gossip injured his reputation.
b. To commit an injustice or offense against; wrong: people who were injured by the false accusations.
3. To cause distress to; wound: injured their feelings.

in′jur·er n.
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When the standard of care is set too low, injurers will be
Our first case is where prospective injurers can predict average harm but cannot foresee the actual harm that would be suffered by the particular victim who might be injured.
25) The traditional Common Law doctrine of liability is that of negligence, whereby the injurer is liable only if he or she failed to take reasonable care.
If the claim made in this Article holds, many plaintiffs who have suffered harms from ex-post reasonable behavior or ex-post non-defective products could successfully sue their injurers.
When an injurer cannot know in advance whether, in his case,
in the real world (innovators, or injurers, do not need an injunction in
They demanded for an immediate and result oriented action against the culprits involved in such a breathtaking act, heirs of the burnt alive and injurers must be compensated at the earliest.
Dead body of the deceased constable was sent to his native town whereas three injurers in critical condition were referred to Sibbi after first aid.
Under strict liability, injurers must pay for all losses they cause.
Generally they consider one of three aspects: belief formation concerning risk or misconduct, a better design of legal rules imposed on injurers, or how private incentives are affected by risk regulation and liability rules in asymmetric information settings.
It includes the sometimes unarticulate wellsprings of those states of mind again, attitudes-that influence both judicial and lay responses to particular disputes about whether alleged injurers should pay alleged victims.
VisuaLinks' advanced visualization, link analysis and presentation capabilities enable the system to detect linkages, conspiracies, and collusion among injurers, the injured and fellow passengers in car accident cases.