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To wound, hurt, or harm.
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tr.v. in·jured, in·juring, in·jures
a. To cause physical harm to; hurt: The accident injured the passengers. The fall injured his knee.
b. To experience injury in (oneself or a body part): She injured her ankle climbing down the hill.
a. To cause damage to; impair: The gossip injured his reputation.
b. To commit an injustice or offense against; wrong: people who were injured by the false accusations.
3. To cause distress to; wound: injured their feelings.

in′jur·er n.
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legal approach is overcharging injurers as a whole by sweeping in some
damages cannot induce potential injurers to take cost-effective
Tort law, of course, does find liability in many cases in which the cognitive impediments of injurers (of sorts both voluntarily and involuntarily) have played a significant role in their harming others.
In addition, the statement criticized some students' behaviour towards its teaching staff and for hurting some security guards who sustained injurers.
Damage to third parties on the ground has a different characteristic, in that usually an ex ante contract cannot be reached between the potential injurers and victims.
The ex post version favours victims more than the ex ante version and makes the procedures much more difficult for the injurers, forcing them to finance the removal and only subsequently try to collect payment.
It investigates the impacts of these outcomes on the incentives structure confronted by potential injurers and injured parties.
Accordingly, we will consider three cases, all of which are of practical importance in some settings: when prospective injurers cannot foresee the precise harm they will cause but only average harm; when they can perfectly and costlessly foresee the precise harm; and when they can do so but only if they incur a cost.
(61) These efforts have taken the form of "apology laws," or "protective measures designed to encourage injurers to apologize by expressly ensuring that at least some types of apologies cannot be used against them in litigation." (62) A significant majority of U.S.
The PHMSA could certainly argue on firm ground that a market failure exists when injurers "do not have assets sufficient to pay fully for the losses they cause"--that is, when potential damages exceed net worth.
More than 4 million man-hours have been achieved without loss time injurers. Most of the detailed engineering activities are nearing completion, and the companyaACAOs team, which was deputed at Seoul, Korea has been mostly demobilized to site.
In addition, remembering God's passion for restorative justice includes supporting just power dynamics between the injurers and injured.