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certification where a class seeks mainly equitable or injunctive relief.
It may seem irrelevant to study injunctive norms of student-athletes, since they fall under the "college student" umbrella; however, the distinction between the two groups is very important.
Those standards can be enforced by the United States in actions for money damages, as well as by private individuals in actions for injunctive relief under Ex parte Young.
In addition to seeking injunctive relief for discrimination that has already occurred, the Act provides that an action for injunctive relief also can be brought by any person who has reasonable grounds for believing that construction of a new building or alterations to an existing building are about to begin that would not provide access to those with disabilities.
The SEC commenced its action in June 1985 and subsequently filed a complaint for permanent injunctive relief against Price and former officers and directors of AM.
Specifically, in addition to injunctive relief and recovery of legal costs, Diomed intends to seek direct damages of approximately $17.
SACRAMENTO -- Three insurance trade groups yesterday filed a lawsuit seeking declaratory and injunctive relief to stop enforcement of unfair California Department of Insurance (CDI) auto rating regulations which will harm millions of California policyholders.
Injunctive relief was granted prohibiting the practice of double-celling in certain areas of a prison, in a state prison inmates' class action challenging their conditions of confinement.
The action was brought in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York against the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Moldova seeking damages and injunctive relief for various specified breaches of the Contract on Leasing Equipment and Licensing Technology dated April 29, 1996, as amended, between the Ministry of Economics of The Republic of Moldova and Intercomsoft (the "Supply Agreement").
The district court dismissed some claims, entered summary judgment in favor of the defendants on other claims, and granted injunctive relief to the prisoner on the one remaining claim.
Supreme Court has ordered the District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia to reconsider its denial of permanent injunctive relief for MercExchange, LLC, stemming from eBay, Inc.