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A device for administering injections.


A device for making injections.

jet injector

See: injection, jet

pressure injector

A device that delivers a substance to be injected, often controlled by a timing mechanism, at a specified pressure.
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The multiple aperture injectors atomize the fuel through a disc with six to ten holes at its tip.
Conrail's tests compared the performance of both new and replacement injectors from two manufacturers against a standard OEM injector.
In analysis of a cross-sectioned diesel injector from a medium-duty truck engine, Tang et al.
The technician found small amounts of dirt in the injectors of the affected cylinders.
It is not only important to know the characteristics of the injector, but also the interaction of the injector with the overall fuel system, the power electronics and the control unit.
A 3-D printer built the injector of layers of nickel-chromium alloy powder, which were fused by a high-power laser.
Chris Singer, director of the Engineering Directorate at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, said that this successful test of a 3-D printed rocket injector brings NASA significantly closer to proving this innovative technology can be used to reduce the cost of flight hardware.
When your M12A1 sits for weeks without being run, the fuel injector pump gradually freezes up.
13 -- Philadelphia Scientific, an international manufacturer of industrial battery components and accessories, has introduced a new snap-fit valve base for its entire line of Water Injector Systems, the fastest single-point watering system in the world.
The objective of the product's new features is to give those who carry an epinephrine auto injector some additional peace of mind when it comes to the risk of anaphylaxis.