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A device for administering injections.


A device for making injections.

jet injector

See: injection, jet

pressure injector

A device that delivers a substance to be injected, often controlled by a timing mechanism, at a specified pressure.
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And even if you don't live in Florida, you can have the same service rendered to your fuel injector by shipping the part over.
which has transferred all past and future needle-free injector technology and patents to MIT CANADA.
Analyzes therapeutic demand drivers and evaluates commercial pen injector products in eleven major therapeutic segments
Ford[TM] diesel engine injector sleeves will leak diesel fuel after a period of time, prompting the sleeves to be replaced.
Electromechanical devices like injector systems can create both electric and magnetic fields that cause electrical interference with the scanner during the imaging process, leading to image distortion or artifacts.
The multiple aperture injectors atomize the fuel through a disc with six to ten holes at its tip.
Schreck, Senior Vice President-Global Sales, Marketing, and Engineering, for E-Z-EM, said, "The DSP 425 protocol is the coming standard for data transmission between injector systems and CT scanners.
Louisiana-based Bruce Foods manufactures and markets Cajun Injector marinades, the #1 injectable marinade in the U.
To add to market woes, the lengthy product lifecycles of CT and MRI injectors is hindering sales while the promotion of combination systems is hampering the growth of modality-based injectors.
Founded in Irvine, California, in 2001, Visiogen's first commercial application, Synchrony[R], a dual optic intraocular lens and pre-loaded injector, is currently in clinical studies in the U.
The award winning Empower product line is the only family of CT injectors on the market powered by the IRiSCT(TM) Injector Reporting Information System, a powerful software application that automatically captures operational data from several important functions of the injector.
The event impact analysis in the contrast media injector market report explains the cascading effect of major market activities with respect to contrast media injectors.