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1. Capable of being injected into anything.
2. Capable of receiving an injection.
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Capable of being injected: an injectable drug.
A drug or medicine that can be injected.
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1. Capable of being injected into anything.
2. Capable of receiving an injection.
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Patient discussion about injectable

Q. Why is insulin injected and not taken as a pill?

A. so if that's the case, why can't you use a patch (like a nicotine patch)? wouldn't that do the same trick?

Q. I received a corticosteroid injection in my left knne th A.M. Knee is all stiff & swollen. Is this normal?

A. actually you might have already had an arthritis in your knee before, then your doctor injected you with a corticosteroid into the affected joint. usually you will feel better (less pain) in your affected joint. if the symptoms don't improve then I suggest you to go see your specialist for further advise and treatment.

Q. My arm became limp after flu shot & have had pain in arm. Vaccine itself or improper injection? Any advice? I could not move my arm about 3 hours after the injection. It took about 3 days before I could raise my arm at all. It became painful to use and has bothered me for a couple of months. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot which helped some but not completely. He had never seen this reaction before. Is it a reaction to the vaccine or could it be the way it was injected? Is their anyone who has had or knows of a similar case?

A. I had a flu shot last October, and it was given to me directly on the backside (and up high) of my shoulder. I went to the gym after I received the shot, and now have two tears in my (torn) rotator cuff, with a perforation in my rotator cuff tendon. I think it may have been improperly given. Now I need to have surgery to repair it. Look up your symptoms on webmd, and surf the net. Talk to your doctor too. The only way to find out what is really going on with it is to have an MRI. A simple xray will not reveal a tear in the muscle or tendon in the rotator cuff. If you can't lift your arm, and have trouble sleeping at night, and pain on your deltoid and bicep (rotator cuff injury pain radiates to these areas) because of the pain, then chances are you have an injured rotator cuff. These people giving these immunizations need more training. They are causing serious injury to people that go in to get a shot to stay healthy, and then end up with a serious injury, and possible surgery !!! Goo

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Injectable drug delivery is an approach through which the drug is administered by penetrating a needle or a similar device into the human skin.
It also explained that users of injectable glutathione may experience side effects such as toxic effects on the liver, kidneys, and nervous system.
The public was also warned against injectable Vitamin C which is sometimes being paired with injectable glutathione.
* Formulation development and device optimization, focusing on challenges of injectable protein delivery and long acting injectables,
While a case can be made that the agency should never have declared injectable vitamin C a new drug in the first place, it is encouraging that the FDA has chosen to get out of the way of medical progress.
"Young African women share a disproportionate burden and are especially vulnerable to this epidemic."A related study, HPTN 083, is testing the safety and efficacy of injectable CAB for HIV prevention in 4,500 men who have sex with men and transgender women who have sex with men.
Rehospitalization was significantly less likely when patients were receiving oral clozapine or long-acting injectable antipsychotics, including paliperidone, zuclopenthixol, perphenazine, and olanzapine, than when they were not on antipsychotics.
In view of the strong interaction between hydrogel network and Ac-CD nanoparticles, double carbon functional Ac-CD nanoparticles were needed for the fabrication of injectable composite gelatin hydrogel.
The American Diabetes Association/European Association for Study of Diabetes (ADA/ EASD) guidelines suggest basal insulin and glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists (GLP1RA), as first line injectable therapies after metformin inadequacy.
Mitim's product portfolio includes beta lactams in dry sterile powder for injectable solutions, tablets and oral suspensions.