initiation factor

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in·i·ti·a·tion fac·tor (IF),

one of several soluble proteins involved in the initiation of protein or RNA synthesis.
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in·i·ti·a·tion fac·tor

(IF) (i-nish'ē-ā'shŭn fak'tŏr)
One of several soluble proteins involved in the initiation of protein or RNA synthesis.
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initiation factor (IF)

one of a group of special proteins required for the initiation of protein synthesis; promoting the correct association of RIBOSOME and mRNA. see TRANSLATION.
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This study provides evidence for the first time that SEY contains higher levels of Pyruvate Kinase, HSP70 and Elongation factor 2 and lower levels of Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 5A-2 and Triosephosphafe (somerase than those found in RY.