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v to set counters, switches, and addresses to 0 or other starting values at the beginning of, or at prescribed points in, a computer routine.

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Q. Hello Guys !!! Good to have everyone here .. i am glad someone took the initiative and came with this very important community ... that so many people need and wishes !!! now for my question ... how common is the Bipolar ? i mean is it common as ADHD or Depression by the medical term ?

A. Thanks, I will bookmark that site.

Q. I have been treated for Bipolar Disorder. I wish to know is there any connection between Depression & Bipolar Hi! I’m Devontae. I was initially treated for depression but now I have been treated for Bipolar Disorder. I wish to know is there any connection between Depression and Bipolar Disorder or the worst state of depression is Bipolar Disorder???

A. There seems to be some misunderstanding on the definition of depression. The overall category here is Mood Disorder. Within the spectrum of Mood Disorders are the conditions of 1. Anxiety (such as panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder) and 2. Depression. Just as anxiety is broken down into more specific disorders according to symtomology, etc. Depression is broken down into Unipolar depressions, and bipolar depressions. Unipolar depression has a spectrum of labels branching from it, and bipolar can be broken down into the divisions of Bipolar I and Bipolar II disorders. The only differences between Unipolar and Bipolar depression are that bipolar is characterized by cycling moods and depression is generally more stable. Also the psychotropic drug treatments are different for unipolar and bipolar disorders. Depressed people need pick-me-ups called SSRI's, or MAOI's such as zoloft, while bipolar people need mood stabilizers (e.g. Lithium) and anticonvulsants (often the exact sa

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Examples include launching a Web site or demonstration application, such as a flash presentation or sales tool that initializes when the device is plugged in.
Requiring no more than power and an occasional clock update from the host spacecraft, the ISC initializes upon startup, acquires and identifies stars from its own star catalog, and uses its "lost in space" algorithms to determine the direction in which it is pointing.
This tool suite consists of a powerful GUI-based application builder that initializes the switch timing, loop compensation filter and processor set-up without writing application software.