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Abbreviation formed from the initial letter of each word or selected words in a phrase (e.g., CPK).
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The label 'NSIAA' is used to refer collectively to a number, symbol, initialism, abbreviation and acronym (see example in (12a)).
The FBI, on the other hand, is an example of initialism, an abbreviation where letters are pronounced separately.
Additionally, Merriam collected 72 initialisms and included them in the 1945 supplement to Webster's second edition (1934), thus becoming part of the American lexicon [Russell (1946) apud Altakhaineh (2017)].
It was, according to a Smithsonian report, "actually an editorial joke that inadvertently went viral." The phrase was an initialism, an abbreviation for the phrase "oil korrect," which was part of a trend during the period of abbreviating intentionally misspelled phrases to create new terms--not unlike the 21st-century emergence of text-speak abbreviations like LOLZ or OMG.
Although this initialism is used as shorthand in this article, the term disguises the extraordinary diversity of human experiences of sexuality and gender by conflating the potentially very different experiences of different sexual minorities.
Although Bar-Haim (2010), who initiated work on the program, used the initialism ABM (attentional bias modification), this work has adopted ABMT for the sake of clarity, following the practice of Renwick et al.
Another interesting case is the combination of an initialism and a clipped form in 5sosFam, which stands for "5 Seconds of Summer [i.e., the band name] family." The inclusion of the word family in this anglicism is indeed very revealing in understanding the true sense of belonging to a fan community.
CIE [L.sup.*][a.sup.*][b.sup.*] (CIELAB) (Raymond 1992, McLaren 2008) is a color space specified by the International Commission on Illumination (French Commission internationale de feclairage, hence its CIE initialism).
Endesa, S.A., originally an initialism for Empresa Nacional de Electricidad, S.A., is the largest electric utility company in Spain.
PA, which English full correspondence is 'pressure aerosol'--see definition/english/acronym) or initialism (or an abbreviation susceptible of being read by pronouncing the initial letters, e.g.
IRA is an initialism for "individual retirement account." (66) Investing in an IRA is one way to save for retirement, and there are tax benefits afforded to the owner in that her gain is either tax-free or tax-deferred.