initial velocity

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in·i·tial ve·loc·i·ty

the rate of a reaction, for example, an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, at the early stages of the reaction such that the product(s) concentrations have not risen to a level to significantly affect the observable rate; typically, initial velocities are observed when less than 10% of the reaction's approach toward equilibrium has occurred.
Synonym(s): initial rate
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To test the predictive value of the model, simulations in silico of both initial velocity patterns and full progress curves were carried out.
The more the player prints the ball at a higher spin angular velocity, the more it has to print a lower initial velocity, or to throw at larger angles (the angles of entry are even greater), in both cases improving less chances of success.
At the initial time, the initial velocity is [v.sub.0]; if [beta] = 3[[rho].sub.p][v.sup.2.sub.0]/4K[[sigma].sub.d], we can deserve the initial cross-sectional area [A.sub.1] according to (26):
Figure 1 below depicts a fluid (air, water, and so on) traveling at an initial velocity. As the fluid reaches the restricted area (throat, Venturi), the velocity increases based on the principle of continuity.
Table 2 illustrates a set of experimental data in relation to the sorts of changes, which are the manifestation of the amount of absorbed ballistic energy (in a Joule scale unit) of each of the specimens according to final velocities of each pellet (in meter per second) at 182 m/s as an initial velocity. In general, trends unveiled some variation throughout the figure of the information.
Consequently, the trajectory is fully determined by a given initial velocity and the effects of gravity and air resistance.
According to the initial velocity and location, the position of mobile target by SINS approach can be calculated after performing quadratic integrations.
Since most of the time arrival aircraft in airport terminal area are in a deceleration process, we assume aircraft entering cell i from some certain arrival route positions with an initial velocity [v'.sub.i] that comes from the STAR and then uniformly decelerating along the cell (route) with a rate [a.sup.a.sub.i], so we can get the space mean velocity of cell i, as follows:
(III) VIP Algorithm Computing Reachable Velocity Interval from an Initial Velocity Interval.
It would seem the pellets are destabilizing in flight, but the initial velocity is too great for that.
This first volume is a collection of reviews on fast ion-atom and ion-molecule collisions, where fast means that the initial velocity of the projectile is considerably larger than the Bohr orbiting velocity of the target electron.
This interface is a small portion of ceramic in contact with the projectile which moves together but with different initial velocity. Thus, the force against the projectile is the same, but the difference of the velocities v(t) and u(t) gives the erosion ratio: