initial velocity

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in·i·tial ve·loc·i·ty

the rate of a reaction, for example, an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, at the early stages of the reaction such that the product(s) concentrations have not risen to a level to significantly affect the observable rate; typically, initial velocities are observed when less than 10% of the reaction's approach toward equilibrium has occurred.
Synonym(s): initial rate
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3 percentage points over the year; initial rates on 5/1 hybrid ARMs were up 0.
The initial rate on an ARM is virtually always lower than the rate on a fixed-rate loan of comparable maturity and loan-to-value ratio.
Prior to the credit crisis, borrowers facing initial rate resets and higher mortgage payments would have refinanced into a new lower cost mortgage.
Initial rates on ARMs, however, rose by about 40 basis points over the course of the year because they typically are priced off of financial instruments with shorter maturities that match the length of the initial adjustment period.
Bondholders are required to tender their bonds for purchase at the end of the initial rate period.
Thus, if the initial rate was 7 percent, the loan will never go higher than 13 percent.
The filing also seeks to establish initial rates for ETT.
During the initial rate period the SBPA will be sized to cover any mandatory tender event and will provide for the payment of both principal and an interest component of 180 days at 3.
Notably, we completed a significant Barnett Shale well during the quarter in Tarrant County for an initial rate of 7.
The bill included a rate stabilization plan for BGE that would limit the initial rate increase to 15% for 11 months beginning July 1, 2006.
signed a Heads of Agreement with PETRONAS for the sale of natural gas from Sarawak Blocks SK 309 and SK 311 at an initial rate of 250 to 300 million cubic feet per day for a period of up to 15 years.
No short-term rating will be assigned at this time since no optional tender is permitted during the initial rate period of five years for the series 2006B bonds and six years for the series 2006C bonds.

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