initial velocity

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in·i·tial ve·loc·i·ty

the rate of a reaction, for example, an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, at the early stages of the reaction such that the product(s) concentrations have not risen to a level to significantly affect the observable rate; typically, initial velocities are observed when less than 10% of the reaction's approach toward equilibrium has occurred.
Synonym(s): initial rate
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While the interest rate on loans for house purchase with a floating rate and an initial rate fixation period of up to one year showed no change at 1.56%, the interest rate on housing loans with an initial rate fixation period of over ten years fell by 8 basis points to 1.57%, mainly driven by the interest rate effect.
In terms ofthe initial rate of decolorization (Fig.
AN ALTERNATIVE LIFETIME TRACKER RATE: If you want a full term deal but prefer lower initial fees then First Direct has a lifetime tracker rate with an initial rate of 3.09 per cent.
With many banks offering attractive initial rates on their Instant Access Cash ISAs of up to 2.85%, you may be wondering why the average rate is so low.
The stress is redistributed onto residual fibres, while the rate of fibre destruction is described by this empirical expression: v(t) = [v.sub.0] [[[sigma](t)/ [[sigma].sub.0]].sup.p], where [v.sub.0] is the initial rate of destruction corresponding to initial stress [[sigma].sub.0]; p is a power, the value of which lies within the range from 2 to 5.
Further, if you're wilting to price below expected claims, you need to consider whether that risk is justified for a case that may-not stay on the books beyond the initial rate guarantee period.
CEO Josef El-Raghy told the Mining Indaba, in Cape Town, this week that the $265-million project will begin gold production this year at an initial rate of 200 000 oz/y.
Published six times a year, the new title is being sold across Canada at newsstands in airports, grocery stores and mass merchandisers with an initial rate base of 50,000.
That Skipton loan, for instance, comes with a pounds 998 advises borrowers to look closely at competitive discount mortgage products, which currently include a two-year discount from HSBC with an initial rate of 5.63 per cent, plus pounds 249 fee, and a Woolwich offer starting at 5.74 per cent with no application fee at all.
Under the state's shift to a more competitive market, auto insurers last month submitted initial rate proposals, then adjusted them a week later in response to rivals' filings.
The last time initial rate discounts were higher was during 1997.

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