initial contact

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in·i·tial con·tact

1. the first meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of the mandible toward the maxillae;
2. the initial occlusal contact of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.

in·i·tial con·tact

(i-nishăl kontakt)
1. First meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of mandible toward maxillae.
2. First occlusal meeting of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.
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Recommendations For On-Line Daters to Increase Initial Contact
Noting an interest in causal dating will yield more initial contact, even though your overall goal may be a long-term relationship
Suggesting more cavalier sexual attitudes will yield greater initial contact
My initial contact with Kramer Labs was through the Committee of 200 (C200), the professional organization of preeminent women entrepreneurs and corporate leaders.
Additionally, to ensure flawless execution for healthcare customers from initial contact through network implementation, MobileAccess has appointed Bill Cune to the position of vice president of healthcare from which he will oversee all sales and partnership activities.
It looked at 475,000 initial contacts involving 47,000 users in two U.
Zhao says the data suggests that only about 25 percent of those initial contacts were actually reciprocated.
Things such as initial contacts, online assessments, and treatment group conferencing may streamline collaboration among clients, EAP professionals, and consulting professionals resulting in more timely service delivery ultimately benefiting the client (impaired employee).
Cade Sibley, a registered investment adviser for Sagemark Consulting, a division of Lincoln Financial Advisors, recently moved to doing business on a strictly referral basis after the number of required return calls and initial contacts for potential interviews became the most time-consuming part of her daily duties.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- United Heritage Corporation, Cleburne, Texas-based holding company engaged in the production and sale of light beef and cattle, today announced that as a result of initial contacts in the exclusive territory of D.
Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Keith Povey launched a scathing attack on Humberside police and their initial contacts with Huntley in the 1990s.
Initial contacts indicate great interest among the potential users, especially various units in the military.

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