initial contact

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in·i·tial con·tact

1. the first meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of the mandible toward the maxillae;
2. the initial occlusal contact of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.

in·i·tial con·tact

(i-nishăl kontakt)
1. First meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of mandible toward maxillae.
2. First occlusal meeting of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.
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Characteristics that lure initial contact on dating websites have much in common with those noted in "live" dating situations for women, but not for men.
Regarding the timing of this initial contact, 85 percent felt that it should be done within the first 3 days after the injury or illness.
Insureds who are unable to speak Japanese can receive services responding to accident reports and initial contact on the phone without trouble, because the telephone conversation is simultaneously carried out between the insured, the interpreter and one of the Companys call center staff.
Law enforcement officers may call subjects on the telephone to arrange a meeting for the initial contact or make an unannounced encounter at an office or residence.
After making the initial contact, a law enforcement agency should be in a position to arrange for future meetings, especially if a troubling issue arises or a crisis appears imminent.
Kukan stated that, "over 93 percent of the companies concerns were resolved to the satisfaction of the companies and over 90 percent were resolved within 45 working days of the initial contact.
In this Experts Connection seminar, Debra will use her expertise to help you understand the importance of timing and message to quickly grab their attention during the initial contact.
That initial contact 15 years ago prompted her 9-year-old son to raise a pig and win third place at the local fair.
Today, we are a world leader in CRM solutions that enable large, global enterprises to effectively manage interactions with their customers at every stage, from marketing and initial contact through the complex sales, service and support relationships that develop between successful companies and their happy customers.
8 percent of his 4,370 rushing yards have come after the initial contact.
According to Bleiberg, Burleson head-butted the umpire in the nose as Bleiberg berated Burleson over the initial contact.
In Bleiberg's version, Burleson head-butted the umpire in the nose as Bleiberg reamed Burleson over the initial contact.

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