initial contact

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in·i·tial con·tact

1. the first meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of the mandible toward the maxillae;
2. the initial occlusal contact of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.
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in·i·tial con·tact

(i-nishăl kontakt)
1. First meeting of opposing teeth on elevation of mandible toward maxillae.
2. First occlusal meeting of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.
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Characteristics that lure initial contact on dating websites have much in common with those noted in "live" dating situations for women, but not for men.
To test the first hypothesis, on initial contact, logistic regression analysis was estimated.
The initial contact. This is the very first contact the client has with your company.
CUMAC Powered by Nexstar delivers fully integrated call center and Web capabilities, from initial contact through closing.
Von Willebrand factor (vWf)--induced platelet stimulation requires the coactivation of two different glycoproteins, the GpIb-V-IX complex and GpIIb-IIIa, or integrin [Alpha]IIb[Beta]3, the former being responsible for the initial contact and the latter leading to spreading and irreversible adhesion (13).
Conceived with the ultimate goal of providing superior service to Cohen Financial's customers, Vanguard will enable the company's real estate finance professionals to more effectively process transactions from the initial contact with the user of capital customer through to the closing.
This philosophy must be shared with a resident's family at the initial contact.
The unit chills down in less than 15 minutes, minimizing downtime for product changes or cleaning, and internal fans circulate gas generated from initial contact of the cooling medium and product to achieve efficient cooling.
After the initial contact, the system automatically sends case-specific brochures to the prospective resident with periodic follow-ups, ensuring that a potential source of revenue doesn't fall through the cracks.
The initial contact is made with the big toes, then the balls of feet, heels, and finished by lowering the hips toward the floor.
Consider this: They are your front line--the initial contact for many of your customers, suppliers and clients.
With the elimination of any window period after initial contact for examination, this change guarantees a window period that otherwise could have been eliminated through a contact for examination shortly after the conclusion of the previous examination.

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