initial assessment

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in·i·ti·al as·sess·ment

(i-nish'ăl ă-ses'mĕnt)
First evaluation of a patient by emergency medical services personnel to identify immediate threats to life.
Synonym(s): primary survey.
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NCG requires the online initial assessment and diagnostic tool to be mobilised from 4.
No 3), the mean records a value of 143 seconds in the initial assessment and 125 seconds in the final assessment, and therefore, an improvement in the running time by 18 seconds for the experimental group, and for the control group, the arithmetic mean records a value of 135 seconds in the initial assessment and 120 seconds in the final assessment, and therefore, a time improvement by 15 seconds.
A national facility for small area disease mapping and rapid initial assessment of apparent disease clusters around a point source: the UK Small Area Health Statistics Unit.
The investigators analyzed initial assessment data regarding the use of three types of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM): acupuncture, biofeedback and/or relaxation training services, and manipulation.
If the only reason for performing an initial assessment is to determine the extent of mold or fungal contamination allowing remediation activities to be planned and implemented, an assessment may not be necessary.
Lupo notes that during their initial assessment of residents, besides looking at factors such as medications and vision problems, "we try hard to obtain information on a resident's history of falls, as cluster falls are so predictive, even in terms of estimating mortality.
In reaction to the initial assessment report, the applicant provided supplementary documentation to the European Commission, which brought this information to the attention of the Member States and the Scientific Committee for Food.
The team reviewed the part for castability, and after an initial assessment and communication with DSCC-Land Systems Group, it was determined that the cleat could be manufactured as a casting within the required lead time.
The initial assessment phase lasts 1-2 months and includes traditional diagnostic vocational assessment, situational assessment in a supervised workshop setting, and career exploration.
For the rehabilitation counselor a basic problem involves, "Which family members should attend the initial assessment meeting?
An initial assessment provides a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and configuration issues that need remediation.
Tenders are invited for ncg170906t - initial assessment & diagnostic tool for ncg

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