initial assessment

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in·i·ti·al as·sess·ment

(i-nish'ăl ă-ses'mĕnt)
First evaluation of a patient by emergency medical services personnel to identify immediate threats to life.
Synonym(s): primary survey.
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--Stopwatch test Left thumb: the groups mean is 32.42 hundred of seconds, moderate scattering (38.30%) at initial assessment, 23.14 hundred of seconds at final assessment.
While a basic tenet of family therapy is to view the individual client problem in terms of a sympton of a larger family problem (Minuchin, 1974), this emphasis could be very unproductive during the initial assessment for family therapy.
All ICOs conducted within the Philippines or by Philippine start-ups or corporations are required to undergo an initial assessment. They have to submit an initial assessment request and attached documents, including the proposed 'white paper,' wherein said start-up or corporation will have the burden to prove that the tokens are not security tokens.
The head of the UK Statistics Authority said the PM's figures did not refer to the time from arriving to leaving but rather the time it takes for an initial assessment. A spokeswoman insisted the PM's figures were accurate.
--for the positive attitude towards the contents discussed, the experimental group recorded 11 subjects in the initial assessment and 15 subjects in the final assessment, with a difference of 4 subjects between the two, and the control group recorded 10 subjects in the initial assessment and 11 subjects in the final assessment, with a difference of 1 subject.
Following initial assessment by paramedics as the teenager lay amid scrubland and rocks at the foot of the ravine, under Pelaw Bridge, firefighters used a winch and pulley system to gradually bring him up the embankment from the ravine.
West Midlands police referred her death to the commission on December 1 and an investigator was sent out for an initial assessment. Commission chief Len Jackson said: "This is a very sad case in which a young woman has lost her life, and three young children have lost their mother.
Its initial assessment was that migration could be completed by 2020.
After an initial assessment we took the decision to take the youngster to hospital as quickly as possible."
The trust's clinical support director, Dr Tim Lewis, said: "Unfortunately the initial assessment suggests that the sperm stored for 28 men have been lost or irreparably damaged by the accidental failure.
The remaining 50% of the booklet presents case studies of the four colleges whose practices are highlighted on the CD-ROM and a checklist for improving initial assessment. The appendix presents pertinent definitions.
Police officers gathered on Water Street and Castle Street to make an initial assessment of the package, sealing off both ends of the alley as a precautionary measure.

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