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n a homeopathic remedy whose actions hinder, but do not counteract those of another. Also called
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Nine papers from a May 2003 colloquium in Halifax, Nova Scotia examine how higher education is being bought by interests inimical to open inquiry and the free circulation of knowledge.
He has no use for a constitutional (or, as far as one can tell, moral) right to privacy, which he regards as a "constitutional wrecking ball" that has become inimical to the very principle of the common good.
Caught between two inimical powers, Poland was rendered incapable of contesting the Soviet takeover in any concerted manner.
The art historian Julian Stallabrass, whose courageous book High Art Lite of 1999 remains the only detailed critical excavation of the period, argues that YBA itself is inimical to criticism because it refuses any cultural or intellectual responsibility.
The opening up of Islamic societies to western capitalism led to the rise of a landed middle class that espoused a form of revivalist and populist Islam inimical to Western/Russian expansionism.
In practice, this means that attitudes clearly inimical to the interests of the one-world set, such as nationalism and patriotism, be roundly discouraged.
The FBI called him "potentially dangerous because of background, emotional instability, or activity in groups engaged in activities inimical to the United States," according to a 1974 memo signed by FBI Director Clarence Kelley.
They need gender blending and flexing -- for the sake of personal freedom as well as social and political sanity, to which rigidity is inimical.
In spite of their romantic associations - with New York lofts, Bohemia, cheapness, youth and so on - warehouse spaces are often amorphous, expensive, draughty and in inimical surroundings, requiring imagination and money to make them habitable, and a car to take you away from the area in the evening.
This resurgent radical religious right has now moved forcefully into the political arena with an agenda more inimical to fundamental American freedoms and constitutional principles than any in our history.
June 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Following a hearing, the California Department of Social Services has placed on one year probation the family day care license held by San Carlos resident Jenny Young, on charges that she engaged in conduct inimical to the health, welfare and safety of children in care.
Both Amar Singh and Jaya Prada were expelled from the Samajwadi Party in 2010 for indulging in activities inimical to its political interests and damaging its image.