In a direction toward the inion.
[L. ad, to]
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Ken Sakamura, a well-known computer scientist, leader and founder of the famous "TRON" project, who now heads a newly established Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD) at Toyo University in Tokyo; and the other is an interview with Akihiro Ozawa, director of Japanese preparatory school Benesse Corporation's Route H.
INIAD 9,14,9,1,4 (in a direction\towards the inion--a ridge of the occiput)
This is a campus of the Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design (INIAD) founded by Toyo University, one of the largest Japanese private universities.
JS: Could you tell us about the background of INIAD and its ultimate goal?
INIAD will be a venue for practical education to provide this knowledge and raise those competencies to enable students to create a product or business and solve any issues arising.
JS: Is INIAD ultimately aiming to train human resources to adapt to IoT and a ubiquitous network society?
The building at Akabanedai Campus called INIAD HUB-1 is an advanced intelligent building with 5,000 IoT devices in 19,000 square meters of space.
In addition, all the corridors of INIAD HUB-1 have temperature sensors or human motion sensors connected with wireless networks.
In the case of INIAD, what is the proportion of teachers to students?
INIAD has allowed students abroad to take our entrance exam directly over the Internet.
Apart from this, INIAD is planning to develop a path for international collaboration in the future on our own.