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v. inher·ited, inher·iting, inher·its
Biology To receive (a characteristic) from a parent or ancestor by genetic transmission.

in·her′i·tor n.
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Q. Is Autism hereditary? My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with autism last year. I am now pregnant with my second child and am scared that he will too have autism.

A. There is a higher chance that your additional children will have autism too, however its not a given. Be more alert and notice any early signs that your child may develop.

Q. Is Leukemia hereditary? My Grandpa died of Leukemia when he was 50. I am worried that it might be hereditary. Is it?

A. Overall leukemia is not hereditary but there are rare reports of family clusters, that is, more than one case in a family. Therefore, you should consult your Doctor and tell him about your family's medical history.

Q. Is migraine hereditary? If both my parents suffer from migraines does it mean I can't avoid it?

A. Yes, migraines do have a very strong genetic correlation. However, it does not mean that if both your parents have it, you will have it too for 100%. It means only that you have a much higher risk than the regular population, that does not have migraines in their family, to suffer from this condition.

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Its not like you inheriting letters from Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela or the raw lyrics created by John Lennon on the back of a napkin.
Supreme Court subsequently ruled on an inherited IRA where the beneficiary inheriting the deceased's IRA account had filed for bankruptcy.
The Cancer Genetics Services for Wales is open to anyone who has had a number of family members with cancer and are worried they may be at increased risk of inheriting the disease.
The environmental risk portion of the presentation explains gene-environment interactions that occur as a result of exposure to toxicants and how that differs from risk associated with inheriting one of the so-called breast cancer genes (BRCA1 or BRCA2).
In this scenario, for a few generations, animals that inherit unmatched versions of a gene are much more fit than animals inheriting matched versions.
Now, anyone inheriting an IRA can elect to receive payments over his or her lifetime instead of as a lump sum as may have been required previously in many illfated, non-spouse circumstances.
80% of people who develop MS have no one else in their family with the disease--which means that the risk of inheriting MS is small for an individual.