inherited trait

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inherited trait

Etymology: L, in, within, hereditare, to inherit; Fr, trait, a draft
a distinguishing quality or characteristic that is transmitted genetically from one generation to the next.

in·her·i·ted trait

(in-her'i-tĕd trāt)
Any characteristic that is passed from one generation to the next.

inherited trait

A trait due to genes transmitted through germ cells.
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received by inheritance.

inherited achondroplastic dwarfism
see achondroplastic dwarfism.
inherited combined immunodeficiency
inherited congenital defects
inherited defects visible at birth.
inherited defects
conditions caused by genes which condition the structure or function of an organ or tissue.
inherited diseases
see inherited defects.
inherited metabolic defects
errors of metabolism conditioned by genes.
inherited trait
a distinguishing characteristic or quality received by inheritance.
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He said his `gift of gab,' advertising strategy and work ethic were all inherited traits.
Smith accent the survey of a man who overcame poverty to discover some of the basics of genetics and inherited traits.
The DNA is borrowed from both parents and is responsible for the genetic propagation of most inherited traits.
The study supports the notion that hyperandrogenism and hyperinsulinemia are inherited traits in families with PCOS but that those features may be limited to those female members who have polycystic ovaries.
Some argued that genetic modification to encourage "positive" inherited traits could be part of a broader strategy to establish a better future for humanity.
inherited traits that increase susceptibility to nerve disease
Inherited traits account for a portion of any person's risk of Alzheimer's, says Rudolph E.
The juxtaposition of these two scenes suggests that Hurston has inserted a black voice into the white trash narrative in order to critique its obsession with racially inherited traits.
Nowhere are these inherited traits more apparent than in Hollywood.
And like all heirs, we have inherited traits - good, bad, and indifferent - from long-dead ancestors.
Such altered oligonucleotides should facilitate identification of genetic changes that determine an individual's inherited traits and diseases, Corey indicates.
This massive book is the result of decades of research on the geographic distribution of human inherited traits.