inherited disorder

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in·her·i·ted dis·or·der

(in-her'i-tĕd dis-ōr'dĕr)
An illness or disease that is derived from genetic aberration.
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Patient discussion about inherited disorder

Q. What are the chances that my baby will inherit psoriasis from his father? My husband has a mild case of psoriasis. On his elbows, knees, back and lower back. He doesn't treat it because he says it is sometime that won't go away, he uses certain products for relief sometimes. What are the chances our baby will get that? And can he get it on his face? Thanks

A. here is a web page dealing with the genetic question in psoriasis -

Q. Is bipolar disease a hereditary problem? My only son is in his teens that is the age to enjoy life, but he cannot enjoy his life with his friends because we found that he is suffering from a bipolar condition. I feel so sad for him and though my care-free days have gone, I often think about how much fun I had at his age. I too suffered from a bipolar disorder and my mom too. Is bipolar disease a hereditary problem? I want him to help to enjoy his life.

A. I agree with you. No one should suffer because of hereditary problems. This is the same situation here as genes are passed from generation to generation. This information is inconclusive because many who may have had bipolar disorders did not have it checked out. Who is to say, how many people 50 years ago had it but dismissed it as being moody, or ill tempered. Doctors were not aware about this problem years ago. Some time back, someone who showed signs of a mental disorder was straight away shoved into a mental hospital and left to suffer. Besides they are often treated with electric shock therapy eventually getting out of control. Testing is still in progress to find out if genetics play a role but these theories may take several more years before they can have a better understanding.

Q. Is FMS heredetery? My mother was diagnosed with FMS and I would like to know what are the chances I’ll have it too.

A. Hereditary is not the right term. It’s not a genetic disease but The cause of fibromyalgia remains elusive. However, recent studies show that genetic factors can predispose individuals to a genetic susceptibility to fibromyalgia.

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"Homocystinuria is an inherited disorder that prevents the body from processing the essential amino acid methionine.
Lysogene, based in Paris, has entered into a strategic collaboration with UMass Medical School and Auburn University of Auburn, Alabama, to develop preclinical studies using an adeno-associated virus (AAV) on GM1-gangliosidosis, "a rare, inherited disorder characterized by severe neurological impairment,'' according to a press release from Lysogene.
PRENATAL TESTING is available to pregnant women for common inherited disorders and other genetic conditions for which their child may be at risk.
The implant is designed to help patients with retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited disorder which gradually destroys the retina.
Wilson's disease as such is a rare autosomal recessive inherited disorder of copper metabolism.
The study is the first to look at brain function in adults with sickle cell disease, and it may mean new drugs are needed to protect the brains of patients with the inherited disorder.
That drug treats an inherited disorder known as Fabry disease, which is caused by the buildup of a particular type of fat in the body's cells.
The test was added to the University Hygienic Laboratory at the recommendation of the state's Congenital and Inherited Disorder Advisory Committee.
Fuchs' dystrophy is an inherited disorder of the eye's cornea--the clear "window" that allows light to enter the eye.
PRIMORDIAL dwarfism is a very rare inherited disorder and the cause is unknown.