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To draw in the breath.
Synonym(s): inspire
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v. in·haled, in·haling, in·hales
To draw (air or smoke, for example) into the lungs by breathing; inspire.
1. To breathe in; inspire.
2. To draw smoke into the lungs; puff.
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Therapeutics An investigational system that delivers therapeutics–eg, insulin, as an alternative to IV therapy. See Drug delivery Vox populi Breathe in.
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To draw in the breath.
Synonym(s): inspire.
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to breath in air or take in water (as in inhalent syphon).
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Patient discussion about inhale

Q. How can I know the inhaler is empty? My 8 years-old boy has asthma and he takes steroids with inhaler. Every time it runs out of med we get a prescription for a new one. Is that OK? A friend that her son is treated with similar inhaler told me that towards the end it no longer delivers enough medication. How can I know I should get a new one?

A. Here is a video you may find usefull:
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Q. What are the side effects for the regular asthma inhalers? I am taking an inhaler (non-steroid one) for my asthma and I wanted to know what can be possible side effects to this treatment.

A. Simple inhalers that contain a material that helps with keeping the bronchi not constricted, have side effects that are related to the sympathetic nervous system- such as slight tremor, small increase in heart rate or blood pressure, but these are all in greater risk when taking in a not-inhaled way. Patients must be cautioned against using these medicines too frequently, as with such use their efficacy may decline, producing desensitization resulting in an exacerbation of symptoms which may lead to refractory asthma, meaning that the attack might not be relieved by these medications anymore.

Q. Is a Proventil Inhaler cheaper by you than Secirity Blue? I pay $60. with Security Blue now. Is it cheaper with you for a three months supply ?

A. here is a drug prices comparing site-

but i couldn't find there that other drug you were talking that it's name?

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