inhalation challenge test

in·ha·la·tion chal·lenge test

(inhă-lāshŭn chalĕnj test)
Assessment of velocity of inhaling and exhaling before and after taking a therapeutic investigative agent; a test for asthma.
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Likely due to this referral bias, in many reported series from such centers the diagnosis of WEA has been made by exclusion of occupational asthma (often based on a negative specific inhalation challenge test to workplace agents).
Among those with work-related asthma from tertiary clinics, WEA has generally been similar in frequency or slightly less common compared with occupational asthma, when the diagnosis is reached on the basis of a negative specific inhalation challenge test and/or other detailed investigations for occupational asthma [8-13].
The methacholine challenge test, specific inhalation challenge test (SICT) and specific nasal challenge test (SNCT), first with placebo, then with a papain solution were also performed.
Lung function tests and allergy tests were also carried out, along with an inhalation challenge test, which examines the airways specific reaction to a substance.
The antitussive effect of a single dose of 1,000 mg of theobromine was compared to that of codeine or placebo in 10 healthy subjects via a capsaicin inhalation challenge test. Each subject was given a single dose of 1,000 mg theobromine, 60 mg codeine, or placebo on three separate occasions.
We have used skin tests in combination with inhalation challenge tests to demonstrate that tryptase activates mast cells (Molinari et al.