inguinoscrotal hernia

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in·gui·no·scro·tal her·ni·a

an inguinal hernia descending into the scrotum.
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Inguinoscrotal hernias involving urologic organs: A case series.
Giant left-sided inguinoscrotal hernia containing the cecum and appendix (giant left-sided Amyand's hernia).
The patient had difficulty in walking and was bed-ridden in the past 5 days due to massive right inguinoscrotal hernia. He had problems with initiating micturition in the previous 2 days.
We report on a rare case of whole bladder and pelvic ureter herniation in a right inguinoscrotal hernia, preoperatively investigated with computed tomography (CT) scan and treated by prosthetic hernia repair.
Scrotal ultrasonography showed bilateral hydrocele with left inguinoscrotal hernia.
Inguinoscrotal hernia containing the urinary bladder is rare.
This case illustrates the problems patients may encounter with a giant inguinoscrotal hernia. Our patient had been suffering for many years and had given up his job due to resulting disability.
A large left-sided inguinoscrotal hernia was obvious on inspection which was mildly tender on palpation.
(2) We present a case of giant inguinoscrotal hernia, irreducible with no co morbidities.
It was difficult to palpate the right testicle as there was palpable right swelling suggestive of inguinoscrotal hernia. Scrotal transillumination was negative.