plica inguinalis

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pli·ca in·gui·na·'lis

an embryonic mesodermal thickening that joins the caudal end of the urogenital ridge to the anterior abdominal wall; the gubernaculum of the testis develops in it.
Synonym(s): inguinal fold
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The floating thrombi in CDS were found more frequent in the first segment of the iliac vein, that is, just after inguinal fold. The considerable difficulties were noted in locating of the iliac vein at the place of junction with IVC.
In localization of the thrombosis below the level of inguinal fold this technique allows correct resolving of all the issues of diagnosis determining tactics of treatment.
Color duplex scanning is one of the informative methods of diagnosis of venous thrombosis below the level of inguinal fold.
Often confused with seborrheic dermatitis, the diaper dermatitis of LCH may be differentiated by petechiae, purpura, and/or ulceration and atrophy of the inguinal folds. (5)
Dermatological examination revealed erythematous and macerated plaques and papules in the inguinal folds bilaterally with greenish-blue staining of the underwear (Figure-2).
We, herewith, report a case of seborrhoeic keratosis with bilaterally symmetrical linear verrucous lesions in both inguinal folds. Linear verrucous epidermal nevus, condyloma acuminata and bowenoid papulosis were excluded by history and histopathological data.
On examination, there were pigmented, dry, linear verrucous lesions overlying both the inguinal folds, measuring 10 cm in length on the right and 5.5 cm in length on the left side (Figure 1).
All of the patients had lesions in their axial and inguinal folds, and all had a moderate or marked response within 5-7 days after a single infusion of infliximab.
(See photo at right.) The area of involvement extends from his ankles to his hips, involving the posterior thighs, inguinal folds, and calves.