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Archaic term for Ciliophora.
[Mod. L. pertaining to or found in an infusion, fr. in-fundo, pp. in-fusus, to pour in]


The former name of a class of Protozoa, now called Ciliata.


any organisms found in INFUSIONS of organic material, such as Protozoa, Rotifers, etc. The term is sometimes restricted to the CILIATES.


protozoa of the class Infusoria; microscopic, aquatic, with vibratile cilia. Found in ruminant forestomachs.
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This is totally implantable supply of infusoria for pain therapy.
Stockmann, the primary founder of the Baths, finds out through reliable tests that the water supply of the Baths is contaminated with infusoria, (2) and this endangers the health of the patrons and visitors of the establishment.