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 [in-fun-dib´u-lum] (pl. infundi´bula) (L.)
1. any funnel-shaped passage; called also choana.
ethmoidal infundibulum
1. a passage connecting the nasal cavity with the anterior ethmoidal cells and frontal sinus.
2. a sinuous passage connecting the middle meatus of the nose with the anterior ethmoidal cells and often with the frontal sinus.
infundibulum of hypothalamus a hollow, funnel-shaped mass in front of the tuber cinereum, extending to the posterior lobe of the pituitary gland.
infundibulum of uterine tube the distal, funnel-shaped portion of the fallopian (uterine) tube.
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Plural of infundibulum.
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Plural of infundibulum.
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In the other six patients without unidentified diverticula, the diverticular walls were located and laser-incised and the infundibula reestablished via the guidewire.
Histopathologic study identified a papillomatous hyperplasia of the hyperkeratotic surface epithelium and a large number of underlying mature sebaceous glands, keratin-filled infundibula, small hair structures, and deep apocrine glands (figure 3).
Valvular PS, excluding severe infundibula stenosis, may be a good candidate for PBPV.