infrascapular region

in·fra·scap·u·lar re·gion

the region of the back lateral to the vertebral region and below the scapula.
Synonym(s): regio infrascapularis [TA]
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Noncontrast CT demonstrated the presence of soft-tissue masses in the infrascapular region bilaterally, just deep to the anterior serratus and latissimus dorsi muscles, larger on the right measuing 7.1 cm in the AP dimension by 2.5 cm in the transverse dimension, by 6.6 cm in the craniocaudal dimension.
Physical examination revealed rales and bronchial breathing in the right infrascapular region. There was no clinical evidence of meningitis.
All patients had symptoms of gallstone disease like fatty meal intolerance, belching and bloating, biliary colic, epigastric pain, and right upper quadrant pain with radiation to the infrascapular region. Patients' preoperative data are shown in Table 1.
On admission, physical examination revealed prominent clubbing, SpO2 76%, tachycardia, tachypnea, BP 110/80mmHg, raised JVP, bilateral pedal oedema, tubular bronchial breath sounds over right infrascapular region and late inspiratory crackles, predominantly over bilateral infrascapular regions.
Chest examination revealed a dull note on percussion and reduced intensity of breath sounds was seen on left infrascapular region. Chest X-ray revealed presence of left sided pleural effusion.