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below the scapula.


Inferior to the scapula.
Synonym(s): subscapular (2)


Below the shoulder blade.


behind the scapula.
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Its characteristic infrascapular location, soft-tissue or homogeneous central fatty attenuation allows for visualization on imaging.
There was a huge fluctuant nontender, nonpulsatile swelling with ill-defined margin in right paravertebral region extending from infrascapular area up to right loin [Figure 1].
Respiratory examination revealed asymmetrical chest with tracheal shift towards the left, diminished movement and vocal fremitus on the right side with dull note in the mammary, infraaxillary and infrascapular region.
Systemic examination revealed few coarse rales bilaterally with reduced breath sounds in the right infra axillary and infrascapular areas.
Chest examination revealed decreased movements on left side in inframammary, infra-axillary, and infrascapular areas.
Chest examination revealed a dull note on percussion and reduced intensity of breath sounds was seen on left infrascapular region.
Respiratory system examination revealed reduction in the breath sounds over the right infrascapular and infraaxillary areas.
Examination revealed that there was marked wasting of both suprascapular and infrascapular muscles.
On examination trail's sign was present on the right side with absence of breath sounds on the left infrascapular and infraxillary region an auscultation.
Chest examination revealed impaired percussion notes in right infrascapular areas with decreased vesicular breath sound and right basal crepitation's.
The concave dorsal surface divided into a smaller supraspinous fossa and larger infrascapular fossa.
Respiratory system examination revealed tenderness over paranasal sinuses and bilateral diffuse ronchi with coarse crepitations over bilateral infrascapular, infra-axillary, and lower mammary regions; more on the right side.