infrared thermography

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in·fra·red ther·mog·ra·phy

measurement of the regional skin temperature with an infrared sensing device.
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Complementary to AE, infrared thermography was applied to monitor the cracking procedure during the fatigue of the same specimens.
Early chapters offer an introduction to the theory of error and uncertainty, and present basics of measurements in infrared thermography. A typical processing algorithm of the measurement path is described, and a generalized model of the temperature measurement of FLIR's ThermaCAM PM 595 LW infrared camera is provided.
delivered 25 sets of Infrared Thermography Systems (TVS-500EX) to the United Mexican States on 7 May 2009, through the Japan International Cooperation System, as part of an emergency assistance grant from the Japanese government in response to the outbreak of a new strain of influenza.
Goncalves and Pierre Gendron of Patenaude-Trempe, and Tony Colantonio of PWGSC, in the Thermal Solutions 2007 conference paper, Commissioning of Exterior Building Envelopes of Large Buildings for Air Leakage and Resultant Moisture Accumulation using Infrared Thermography end Other Diagnostic Tools.
Another CbM technique is infrared thermography, involving the detection and measurement of infrared emissions as related to heat.
The theory of infrared thermography is based on three well-known radiation laws [2,6]:
Using infrared thermography is an effective way for claim adjusters to non-destructively evaluate buildings, especially in water-loss cases.
By finding electrical problems before the equipment actually fails, infrared thermography can eliminate costly outages--yielding returns on investment of between 4-to-1 to as much as 30-to-1, Markos said.
announced the release of its new infrared thermography camera, the "Advanced Thermo TVS-500EX." The TVS-500EX features market leading specs such as temperature resolutions of 0.05 degrees Celsius and spatial resolutions of 1.07mrad.
It also measures the autonomic nervous system (system that controls bodily functions such as the heartbeat) with infrared thermography (temperature readings).
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