infrared ray

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in·fra·red (IR, ir),

That portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 730 and 1000 nm.
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infrared ray

An invisible heat ray from beyond the red end of the spectrum. Infrared wavelengths range from 7700 angstrom units (A.U.) to 1 mm. Long-wave infrared rays (15,000 to 150,000 A.U.) are emitted by all heated bodies and exclusively by bodies of low temperature such as hot water bottles and electric heating pads; short-wave infrared rays (7,200 to 15,000 A.U.) are emitted by all incandescent heaters. The sun, electric arcs, incandescent globes, and so-called infrared burners are sources of infrared rays.


Infrared ray energy is transformed into heat in a superficial layer of the tissues. It is used therapeutically to stimulate local and general circulation and to relieve pain. The infrared thermograph is useful in studying the heat of tissues. See: radiation; thermography

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There are some devices and techniques used by some of the world's top laboratories, including optical analysis by microscope, and spectroscopy in ultraviolet rays visible near infrared rays. Raman spectrometry uses Raman spectroscopy, chemical analysis by Spectral Laser Spectrum Collapse (LIBS), and Surface Analysis by SEM (scanning electron microscopy).
There are some devices and techniques used by some of the world's top laboratories, including optical analysis by microscope, spectroscopy in ultraviolet rays visible near infrared rays.'
According to the company, its Nanobionic technology is a high-tech patented coating that releases Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to the body.
It added that the system is capable of emitting infrared rays towards the fired guided missile, diverting it from its path.
The satellite will detect infrared rays from the first galaxies that ever formed in the universe, effectively looking back in time, and will peer inside dust clouds where stars and planets are forming today.
The infrared rays actually increase the body's core temperature so it helps to break down fat-soluble toxins, increase circulation and bring W[section] oxygenated blood throughout the body."
In a ( follow-up post , the "Bad Romance" hitmaker shared a pic of her basking under infrared rays while covered with a space blanket.
Nice mattifying effect - unless you're already hot and sweaty, then it gunks a bit.' Sarah Frost, London Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced UV + Infrared Facecare SPF50+, PS8 Beauty ed says: Addresses the big new ageing concern of infrared rays, which penetrate deeper into the skin and do more lasting damage than UVA/B rays.
Animal was treated with anti-inflammatory drugs besides regular physiotherapy with infrared rays. The bullock was able to move its neck in all directions by seventh day and had an uneventful recovery.
is a leading manufacturer of light sources such as lamps, lasers, and LEDs, in a broad range from ultraviolet to visible to infrared rays, as well as optical equipment and cinema-related products that incorporate these light sources.
This allowed closer analysis of the paper using ultraviolet, visible and infrared rays as a specialised camera captured images not visible to the human eye.
This may have a big impact in the field of space exploration imaging, where a limiting black coating is essential to block out incident infrared rays and other radiation from distant nebulae, allowing our telescopes to only absorb specific light rays that we want to study and examine.