infrapatellar fat pad

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a cushion-like mass of soft material.
abdominal pad a pad for the absorption of discharges from abdominal wounds, or for packing off abdominal viscera to improve exposure during surgery. Called also laparotomy pad.
dinner pad a pad placed over the stomach before a plaster jacket is applied; the pad is then removed to leave space under the jacket to take care of expansion of the stomach after eating.
infrapatellar fat pad a large pad of fat lying behind and below the patella.
knuckle p's nodular thickenings of the skin on the dorsal surface of the interphalangeal joints.
laparotomy pad abdominal p.
sucking pad (suctorial pad) a lobulated mass of fat that occupies the space between the masseter muscle and the external surface of the buccinator muscle. It is well developed in infants.
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in·fra·pa·tel·lar fat pad

(in'fră-pă-tel'ăr fat pad)
The fatty mass that occupies the area between the patellar ligament and the infrapatellar synovial fold of the knee joint.
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The infrapatellar fat pad of the knee joint, also known as Hoffa's fat pad (Hoffa, 1904) is an intra-articular inclusion that separates the antero-inferior synovial membrane from the more anterior structures of the knee joint.
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A multisequence MRI examination of the left knee was performed revealing mild chondromalacia patella with early delamination of the medial facet, mild infrapatellar fat pad inflammation, and a very small Baker's cyst with no effusion.
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