infraorbital region

in·fra·or·bit·al re·gion

the facial region below the orbit and lateral to the nose on each side.
Synonym(s): regio infraorbitalis [TA]

in·fra·or·bit·al re·gi·on

(infră-ōrbi-tăl rējŭn) [TA]
Facial area below orbit of the eye and lateral to nose on each side.
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Clinical examination revealed a moderately large left facial mass extending from infraorbital region to upper lip and from ala of nose to zygomatic buttress region.
On the right flank, this oblique inguinal band barely reaches the middle of the flank; flanks are darker than dorsal ground color; infraorbital region is brown with little cream markings, similar as those on loreal region; a canthal dark brown band surrounds the snout from eye to snout.
We present what we believe is a unique case of a myxoid liposarcoma in the infraorbital region, which arose in a 38-year-old man.
Multisection spiral computed tomography was performed (Light Speed Pro 16, General Electrics, USA) of the area from infraorbital region to the base of mandible.
In case of external carotid artery irritation, the pain radiates to the infraorbital region.
The swelling extended superiorly to the infraorbital region, inferiorly to the angle of the mouth, laterally to the malar bone, and medially to the ala of the left nostril, where it obliterated the left nasolabial fold.
CT PNS revealed erosion of antero-lateral, postero-lateral and medial walls of left maxillary sinus with soft tissue bulge in left infraorbital region, left infratemporal fossa and left half of the nasal cavity with partial erosion of nasal septum.
Persistent disease was found in the right infraorbital region and right eye.
As it spreads it may merge imperceptively into the normal skin or it may also present as lesions with a distinct border, particularly in the infraorbital region and at the scalp margin.
A 15-year-old girl came to the outpatient department with a 3-month history of a discharging sinus in the left infraorbital region.