infraorbital region

in·fra·or·bit·al re·gion

the facial region below the orbit and lateral to the nose on each side.
Synonym(s): regio infraorbitalis [TA]
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in·fra·or·bit·al re·gi·on

(infră-ōrbi-tăl rējŭn) [TA]
Facial area below orbit of the eye and lateral to nose on each side.
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The infraorbital region presents the highest quantity of pores, distributed in the anterior, medium and posterior parts of the orbit, making it a very sensitive region, which is consistent with the size of the eye and its position.
Superiorly, it was extending to the infraorbital region and displacing and compressing the left optic nerve.
It is important to identify the infraorbital neurovascular bundle during surgery involving the midface and maxillary sinuses and when administering the infraorbital nerve block because injury to infraorbital neurovascular bundle carries a significant morbidity including numbness of the upper lip, lateral wall of the nose, lower lid, and the infraorbital region of the affected side and may pose significant implications to the patient's quality of life [4].
She described only a slight painless discomfort in the left infraorbital region that had lasted for a few months.
Plain X-ray radiographs (PNS, OPG & IOPA) showed a radiopaque mass in left maxilla, maxillary sinus & infraorbital region. CT scan revealed a heterogeneous shadow, and a well-defined osteolytic mass involving the left maxilla, maxillary sinus, alveolar bone and nasal cavity.
The swelling had progressively increased in size from a peanut-sized growth in the upper right quadrant to involve the right infraorbital region resulting in epiphora but without visual disturbances.
Patients having V2 involvement either in isolation or combination with other branches had cheek area to be the most common site (51.6%) followed by 16.1% at infraorbital region, 12.9% at commisure of lip and 3.2% for upper alveolus, ala of nose and lateral canthus region each.
On the right flank, this oblique inguinal band barely reaches the middle of the flank; flanks are darker than dorsal ground color; infraorbital region is brown with little cream markings, similar as those on loreal region; a canthal dark brown band surrounds the snout from eye to snout.
We present what we believe is a unique case of a myxoid liposarcoma in the infraorbital region, which arose in a 38-year-old man.
Multisection spiral computed tomography was performed (Light Speed Pro 16, General Electrics, USA) of the area from infraorbital region to the base of mandible.