2. Lying below.
[infra- + L. natare, to swim]
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The floating yellowish lipid and remnants were discarded and the infranatant was transferred into a sterile 15 ml centrifuge tube and centrifuged at 1200 rpm for 10 min.
The supernatant and infranatant were discarded, and the bottom 2 ml of fat left in the syringes was transferred to 1-ml syringes.
The floating adipocytes were collected and washed and the infranatant was removed and centrifuged at 500 x g, for 5 minutes to pellet the stromal vascular fraction (SVF).
The collected infranatant fraction is then brought back to its original volume, and the cholesterol content is then measured by the Abell-Kendall method.
* If the specimen is overtly lipemic (lipemic samples can also be ultracentrifuged prior to analysis by indirect measurement of the aqueous infranatant) or hyperviscous.
At the end of the incubation period, an aliquot of the infranatant was removed for enzymatic determination of glycerol released into the incubation medium (KATAL, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil).
The infranatant fraction can now be reconstituted to the original volume with 0.15 M NaCl after the supernatant VLDL- and chylomicron-containing fractions have been quantitatively removed.
Therefore, the analysis of the clear infranatant solution after ultracentrifugation will not give accurate triglyceride results.
We isolated the fraction of density > 1.006 g/mL (infranatant) and measured TC and HDL-C as described above.
The infranatant containing immature adipocytes was discarded and then the remained mature adipocytes were collected.