infragranular layer

in·fra·gran·u·lar lay·er

the cellular band deep to the inner granular layer of the developing human cerebral cortex, which differentiates into the ganglionic layer and multiform layer by the sixth fetal month.
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The number of c-fosstained cells in V1 was increased in the supragranular layers, but not in the infragranular layers. These data suggest that a CHL causes an increase in neuronal activity at the neuronal level in the upper cortical layers of V1.
Our results expose the quantitative distribution of PV+ neurons observed in the supragranular and infragranular layers of the somatosensory cortex.
Infragranular layers had approximately 55% more PV+ neurons than supragranular layers (Fig.3).
It is important to point out that the onset of PV expression appears by postnatal day 8 in the infragranular layers and three days later in the supragranular layers of the neocortex (Alcantara et al., 1993).