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There is a prominent infraglenoid tubercle (see Strickler, 1978 for terminology) and another equally prominent tubercle just dorsal to the infraglenoid tubercle and distal to the glenoid on a ridge on the dorsal surface below the anterior base of the acromion process and scapular spine.
In the aforementioned cadaveric study, Middernarcht noted that due to the infraglenoid tubercle, glenosphere overhang could not always be achieved: 75% of 36 mm glenospheres (150 scapulae) and 27% of 42 mm glenospheres (55 scapulae) when assembled to the glenoid baseplate as inferiorly as possible had no overhang.
Glenoid neck length was measured linearly along the scapular plane between the inferior glenoid rim and the infraglenoid tubercule.