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beneath the diaphragm; called also subdiaphragmatic.


Beneath the diaphragm.


/sub·di·a·phrag·mat·ic/ (-di″ah-frag-mat´ik) subphrenic.


below the diaphragm.
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A sub-group of patients with recurrent disease (30) aslo received salvage radiotherapy to infradiaphragmatic disease.
11] The proposed substaging includes perinephric fat invasion, tumour thrombus of the renal vein or infradiaphragmatic inferior vena cava (IVC) (pT3a); perirenal fat invasion in association with adrenal gland invasion or tumour thrombus limited to the renal vein or infradiaphragmatic IVC (pT3b); tumour thrombus of the renal vein or infradiaphragmatic IVC with concomitant adrenal invasion, supradiaphragmatic tumour thrombus or extension through Gerota's fascia (pT4).
8 months for those with IVC thrombus median survival for infradiaphragmatic disease 25.
Confirmation of ACS (by IVC pressure measurement) was possible in only one of our three cases and this likely reflects a typical scenario of a patient on ECLS, who would have no specific indication for infradiaphragmatic IVC access.
Abe T, Ludecke DK: Transnasal surgery for infradiaphragmatic craniopharyngiomas in pediatric patients.
A combined positron emission tomography/computed tomography whole body scan confirmed left parotid involvement as well as supra- and infradiaphragmatic involvement of the lymph nodes.
Extralobar sequestrations have their own pleura and may be found in a supra- or infradiaphragmatic location.
Should this salvage chemotherapy approach be adopted uniformly, however, for bulky stage IIC seminoma whose relapse is limited to an infradiaphragmatic nodal site?
Our case demonstrates that radiotherapy can be a viable salvage treatment option for a recurrent disease following primary chemotherapy for a bulky stage IIC disease, provided that the recurrent disease is confined to the infradiaphragmatic site and that radiotherapy can be delivered without any major toxicity to critical organs, such as the kidney.
These branches persist as enlarged supradiaphragmatic and infradiaphragmatic aortic branches, or as bronchial arteries in cases in which the pulmonary artery does not develop (2).