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below the clavicle.
subclavian steal syndrome cerebral or brainstem ischemia resulting from diversion of blood flow from the basilar artery to the subclavian artery, in the presence of occlusive disease of the proximal portion of the subclavian artery.


1. Below the clavicle. Synonym(s): infraclavicular
2. Pertaining to the subclavian artery or vein.


/in·fra·cla·vic·u·lar/ (-klah-vik´u-lar) subclavian.


Under the collar-bone.
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Infraclavicular perineural local anesthetic infusion: a comparison of three dosing regimens for postoperative analgesia.
Unusual and lethal complications of infraclavicular subclavian vein catheterization.
The nodes are divided into levels: I (low-axilla: lateral to the lateral border of the pectoralis minor muscle); II (mid-axilla: between the medial and lateral borders of the pectoralis minor muscle and the interpectoral [Rotter] lymph nodes); and III (apical axilla or infraclavicular nodes: medial to the medial margin of the pectoralis minor muscle and inferior to the clavicle).
CPNB Single Total Shot Upper Extremity Interscalene 4 1 5 Supraclavicular 5 4 9 Infraclavicular 0 2 2 Axillary 5 0 5 Subtotal 14 7 21 Lower Extremity Femoral 6 5 11 Sciatic 2 4 6 Popliteal 5 0 5 Other 1 0 1 Subtotal 14 9 23 Total Regional Anesthetics: 44
In contrast to the infraclavicular block, because the musculocutaneous nerve separates from the remainder of the brachial plexus above the axilla (eventually, to become the anterolateral cutaneous nerve at the level of the forearm), a separate injection of this nerve is necessary if the surgery involves its sensory distribution (the lateral aspect of the forearm down to the wrist).
Articles on regional anesthesia and pain medicine cover nerve blocks (peripheral, interscalene, supraclavicular, infraclavicular, axillary, femoral, psoas, sciatic nerve, truncal and neuraxial), ophthalmic regional work, and procedures for chronic pain.
The policy of the authors' department was to not explore parasternal or infraclavicular nodes even when the IMC was the only localisation hotspot on lymphoscintigraphy.
The right arm electrode was shifted to a point in the infraclavicular fossa medial to the border of the deltoid muscle and 2 cm below the lower border of the clavicle.
At age 48, the proband in this report developed infraclavicular lymphadenopathy.
The distal end of the DBS lead is connected to an extension wire from the patient's head and then tunneled to the infraclavicular opening.
The C11e transducer is optimal for infraclavicular, supraclavicular and femoral blocks.
The most frequent infraclavicular primary tumor to metastasize to the nose and paranasal sinuses is renal cell carcinoma.