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below the clavicle.
subclavian steal syndrome cerebral or brainstem ischemia resulting from diversion of blood flow from the basilar artery to the subclavian artery, in the presence of occlusive disease of the proximal portion of the subclavian artery.
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1. Below the clavicle. Synonym(s): infraclavicular
2. Pertaining to the subclavian artery or vein.
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Under the collar-bone.
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Phrenic nerve block following vertical infraclavicular block has been described (44).
Comparison of two different techniques for brachial plexus block: infraclavicular versus axillary technique.
In contrast to the infraclavicular block, because the musculocutaneous nerve separates from the remainder of the brachial plexus above the axilla (eventually, to become the anterolateral cutaneous nerve at the level of the forearm), a separate injection of this nerve is necessary if the surgery involves its sensory distribution (the lateral aspect of the forearm down to the wrist).
Peres utilised patients' height to develop formulae to predict the optimum length of the catheter to be inserted for right internal or external jugular catheters, right infraclavicular, subclavian catheters and left external jugular catheters.
However, the description of chemical neurolysis of the upper brachial plexus as a palliative treatment for the relief of cancer-related pain has been sparse with only a single documented phenol injection of the infraclavicular brachial plexus [6, 7].
Infraclavicular placement of the CVC is not recommended for a long period of time, because of the risk of catheter rupture caused by the costoclavicular pinch [9].