informed refusal

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a declining to do something or to accept something.
conscientious refusal conscientious objection.
informed refusal refusal of treatment after one has been informed about it in an effort to gain informed consent.
refusal of treatment a declining of treatment; it may be either informed refusal or not fully informed.

in·form·ed re·fu·sal

(in-fōrmd rĕ-fyūzăl)
Patient's decision to decline recommended treatment after all options, risks, and benefits have been thoroughly explained.
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But given that he didn't--for reasons that in hindsight are fairly easy to understand and have as much to do with the physician and the system as with the patient--the physician must honor his competent, informed refusal of treatment.
Given the widespread endorsement of Mill's strong antipaternalism, an individual's informed refusal of lifesaving medical care is presumably beyond the purview of the liberal state and its courts and committees.
In noninvasive prenatal screening, however, uninformed test acceptance poses fewer legal risks than does informed refusal.
6] Thus, such statements - short of informed refusal - are not a sufficient basis for withdrawing Nancy's feeding.