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Knowledge; a collection of facts or data.
[L. informo, to shape or fashion]


(in″fŏr-mā′shŏn) [L. informatio, idea, conception]
1. Data that are interpreted, organized, structured, and given meaning.
2. A message from a sender to one or more receivers.


n 1. coherent, data-bearing pattern that can be separated from its medium of transmission.
2. concept in meridian based psychotherapy, which posits that information manifests as a function of shape and structure; also believed to be a demonstration of the reality of energy and energy fields.


1. data which has intrinsic value.
2. changes occurring in central neurons as a result of stimuli received from sensory neurons. The signals received are coded, selected, with some being discarded and some stored, analyzed and compared with similar data stored in memory, after packing and merging.

information evaluation
an essential step to avoid unnecessary storage and the utilization of erroneous information in drawing conclusions. The rating will depend on whether the information is experimentally derived, obtained by clinical experience, or procedures in between. It is necessary in many situations to utilize information with a low rating because of a lack of availability of better information. There must necessarily be a lower level of certainty in the conclusions based on such material.
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In light of recent events, the need to bolster Taiwan's informational security grows increasingly urgent.
This is because Floridi believes the strength of distributed morality is in reinforcing the informational environment and increasing its resiliency, which would assist in diminishing moral evils and enhancing morally good actions.
Pimental and Coleman (2012), both authors of the Common Core, added their voices to clearing up these misconceptions by reiterating that the introduction of the standards clearly states that "the ELA classroom must focus on literature (stories, drama, and poetry) as well as literary nonfiction, [and] a great deal of informational reading in Grades 6-12 must take place in other classes" (p.
So, the purpose of this work is the definition of new informational symbols for holding and driving mechanisms used for machining shafts between centers.
students have little experience with informational text in the early years of schooling.
Before you perform well at an informational interview, you have to land one (or more), and that starts with good networking.
A word of caution about informational interviewing: Don't bait and switch the person with whom you are meeting and try to turn the encounter into a job interview, If your interview subject expresses interest in your qualifications and abilities, however, the door will be open for future discussions about working at the organization.
The boards want to make sure they're doing everything they can to maximize prices," explained Brown Harris Stevens broker, Dan Ruiz, who has also attended several informational board meetings this year.
Graduate School of Operational and Informational Sciences
Members of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA-CWA) are to hold informational picketing at Sea-Tac International Airport on Tuesday (14 December).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-26 November 2004-Z-Card finds increasing number of Telecoms UK marketers turning to informational marketing to boost brand presence - report(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.

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