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Knowledge; a collection of facts or data.
[L. informo, to shape or fashion]
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(in″fŏr-mā′shŏn) [L. informatio, idea, conception]
1. Data that are interpreted, organized, structured, and given meaning.
2. A message from a sender to one or more receivers.
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Here, Floridi argues for a so-called e-environmental approach, concerned foremost with the infosphere and the informational entities within it.
We have thus expanded the understanding of the process underlying the IG influence from the normative mechanism to the informational mechanism.
Pimental and Coleman (2012), both authors of the Common Core, added their voices to clearing up these misconceptions by reiterating that the introduction of the standards clearly states that "the ELA classroom must focus on literature (stories, drama, and poetry) as well as literary nonfiction, [and] a great deal of informational reading in Grades 6-12 must take place in other classes" (p.
The TCPA and the FCC's implementing rules prohibit, among other things, the use of an artificial or prerecorded voice or an automatic telephone dialing system to make a non-emergency, informational, or other noncommercial call without "prior express consent" to cellular telephones.
Coming from a district that is extremely assessment-driven, it was wonderful to see Cummins place a lot of emphasis on the multiple types of assessment that must be used while focusing on informational text.
Sub-Activity Create class method analyses Actor's Processes and Informational Activities, and creates for these objects separate methods.
Allendale Association invites local residents and families to drop by its informational fostering workshop to be held Thursday, April 11th from 7 p.m.
Because text ad campaigns or even text informational messages often are sent to an entire community, damages could rack up quickly, especially if the unauthorized sending of texts is carried out over months or years.
The late TV personality won Emmys for outstanding nonfiction writing and best informational series or special at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys.

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