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1. Something desired or needed.
2. A condition that must be present if some event is to occur or some entity is to come into existence.
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Anything that is obligatory or necessary; an authoritative expression of such obligation or necessity.
[L. requiro]
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DoD collections are governed by DoDI 8910.01, Information Collection and Reporting, and DoD 8910.01-M, DoD Procedures for Management of Information Requirements. DON components requesting information from outside the DON, require a DON IMCO review and often require the DoD IMCO's approval and assignment of a DoD information control symbol.
From the HTA's perspective, these almost daily discussions with the commander allowed her to tailor her questions to ensure that she was answering the information requirements for the unit.
Commander's Critical Information Requirements Essential Elements of Friendly Information (Do NOT discuss with personnel who don't need to know.)
In that position, he was principal advisor and assistant to the supply center's commander for matters of policies, plans, programs, systems and procedures, productivity engineering, organization, manpower, operations research, economic analysis, implementation of management information systems, and procedures for management and control of command information requirements.
Such growth is needed to satisfy the burgeoning information requirements of society: A 2003 University of California-Berkeley study estimates that more than 4 million terabytes of information were produced and stored magnetically in 2002--more than double the 1.7 million terabytes produced and stored in 2000.
Guidance which more specifically defines the information requirements for Army Requiring Activities and implementing guidance for the contracting workforce will be provided under separate cover from the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) and the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology).
Drawing on its research, the task force concluded that a customized version of GAAP should be developed based on concepts and accounting that better meet the needs of private company financial reporting constituents, whose information requirements are different in certain instances than those of groups using public company reports.
The course covers topics such as statutory consultation requirements, undertaking individual consultation, the employer's obligations to employees facing redundancy and statutory and voluntary information requirements. The course reportedly also gives a definition of redundancy and looks at how important consultation and communication is to the redundancy process.
This checklist reflects JFMIP's Acquisition/Financial Systems Interface Requirements (JFMIP-SR-02-02, June 2002), a publication that addresses the shared information requirements between federal financial and acquisition management systems.
With a minimum of three separate dimensions to capture topic knowledge, detail required, and user cognitive ability, this model provides the writer a means of connecting content with information requirements and ensuring the dynamic document fits varying audience needs."

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