information processing

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information processing

a nursing outcome from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) defined as the ability to acquire, organize, and use information. See also Nursing Outcomes Classification.

in·for·ma·tion pro·cess·ing

(in-fŏr-māshŭn proses-ing)
In cognitive psychology, theory that short-term memory is limited to five to nine "chunks" or meaningful units of information.

Patient discussion about information processing

Q. how to treat diabetes when in the process of rehab of alcohol? my father, unfortunately is suffering from both- alcoholism and diabetes. I need to find a way to change his life completly, change his daily behaviour to a healthier one. any suggestions?

A. I am not aware of alcoholism. If diabetes is concern i have web site which provides information on alternative treatments such as ayurvedic herbs, homeopathy, yoga and acupressure treatments. Please visit

Q. I had sugery on a fractured heel what is the recovery process? Wanting to meet people who are going thru this now or have already recovered from this injury. What should I expect?

A. Hey doyen_98, I was wondering how the recovery was coming along. How long ago have you had the surgery?

Q. What is the process a general physician would use to diagnose adult ADHD? I'm have an appointment with my primary care physician to be screened for adult ADHD. Does anyone know what he will do in order to test and diagnose me?

A. Actually I was just diagnosed with ADHD. I'm 57. My doctor sent me to a phyciatrist, and he asked me several questions. Gave me a scrip and want to see me back in a month. I answered 26 questions, and he rated on my answers.

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Experiences with NBSNET and other commercial implementations of CSMA/CD led to the publication of Federal Information Processing Standard 107 (12) to foster interoperability of the myriad products offered to solve office automation problems.

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