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Knowledge; a collection of facts or data.
[L. informo, to shape or fashion]


(in″fŏr-mā′shŏn) [L. informatio, idea, conception]
1. Data that are interpreted, organized, structured, and given meaning.
2. A message from a sender to one or more receivers.


n 1. coherent, data-bearing pattern that can be separated from its medium of transmission.
2. concept in meridian based psychotherapy, which posits that information manifests as a function of shape and structure; also believed to be a demonstration of the reality of energy and energy fields.


1. data which has intrinsic value.
2. changes occurring in central neurons as a result of stimuli received from sensory neurons. The signals received are coded, selected, with some being discarded and some stored, analyzed and compared with similar data stored in memory, after packing and merging.

information evaluation
an essential step to avoid unnecessary storage and the utilization of erroneous information in drawing conclusions. The rating will depend on whether the information is experimentally derived, obtained by clinical experience, or procedures in between. It is necessary in many situations to utilize information with a low rating because of a lack of availability of better information. There must necessarily be a lower level of certainty in the conclusions based on such material.
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Understands many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and uses information ethically and legally.
As noted by Henderson & Scheffler (2003), teacher education programs are now required to ensure that teacher candidates comprehend the wide range of information literacies, demonstrate information literacy skills, and integrate information literacy strategies into P-12 instructional activities.
After an overview of the current state of research, the theory of Radical Change is applied to examine and explain selected areas of youth information seeking in a digital environment with the purpose of lending additional insights on which researchers and professionals might capitalize.
Todd's (2003) meta-analysis of adolescents' information seeking and use scholarship provides a theoretical approach with an international point of view to three aspects of the topic, one of which is "searching or surfing the World Wide Web" (pp.
Forming one facet of DTIC administrative activities are the management and funding contractor-operated joint service-oriented information analysis centers to be found at <http://iac.
Both approaches minimize the role of IT managers and view information technology as a burden on the corporation, no longer contributing to its competitiveness.
But the partner combines that information with other publicly available information about the client or the industry and concludes that the client's stock price will decline.
For those with national security responsibilities, attention must be afforded to the crucial daily struggle of turning data into information and then securing those rudiments.
abide by regulatory standards to protect the security and confidentiality of customer records and information.
Disclosure to taxpayer of third-party tax information: P's exam team sought to disclose the information it obtained to P in its Revenue Agent's Report (RAR).
10 Limitation on disclosure of nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties.

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