Person who makes use of informatics
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It is difficult for me to answer exactly when I became a nurse informaticist.
Notte is a family physician and clinical informaticist for Abington (Pa.
As one of the company's co-founders and creators of its flagship product Avec, a federated data integration platform, Embi will add his expertise to the executive team as a practicing physician, researcher and informaticist.
Misdiagnosing a genetic disease can affect entire families, says Isaac Kohane, a biomedical informaticist at Harvard Medical School.
But to get to that next phase of evolution, CMIOs and other physician informaticist leaders are going to have to retrain their colleagues in documentation, as has been happening for three years now at UPMC.
The chief nursing officer identified internal experts with proficiency in the use and functionality of the MEDITECH system and created two distinct roles to manage the informatics needs: the clinical informaticist for nursing and the clinical informaticist for physician services.
Christopher None, a clinical informaticist at Abington (Pa.
Automation also has led to the creation of a relatively new job title: pharmacy informaticist.
The book is written by four authors--a nursing educator, an instructional designer, an informaticist, and a simulation expert.
Professional positions at these sites may range from those of a traditional librarian to others such as an information management specialist, medical informaticist, or faculty member.
They invested heavily in informatics resources including creating a new corporate nurse executive position, hiring 10 nurse informaticists, a clinical pharmacist informaticist, and launching a physician envoy program with 19 physicians of multiple specialties all synchronously focused on optimizing their use of IT across the enterprise.
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