Person who makes use of informatics
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So as the purchasers, payers, policymakers, and consumers of healthcare look for our industry to make quantum leaps forward in quality and cost-effectiveness in the coming years, let's none of us take the contributions of CMIOs and their clinical informaticist colleagues for granted.
Notte (left) is a family physician and clinical informaticist for Abington (Pa.) Memorial Hospital.
Associate Editor Jennifer Prestigiacomo explores the emerging role of the senior nurse informaticist, which is rapidly becoming a key position in hospital organizations nationwide.
Industry experts and clinical informaticist leaders say that the time for nurses to get a seat at the informatics table is now, as nursing informaticists are becoming more integral to the healthcare IT puzzle than ever before with the amount of point of care documentation and care coordination mandated by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act/Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (AR-RA-HITECH) Act.
Remember this: A nurse makes a difference in the life of one patient at a time; a Nursing Informaticist makes a difference in the life of an entire population at a time!
24, 2011 session, Len Bowes, M.D., a senior medical informaticist for 22-hospital Intermountain Healthcare in Utah, described the difficulty his nonprofit organization is having with changes around its homegrown electronic health record (EHR) and CPOE.
A journalist for nearly 30 years now and a healthcare journalist for 22 years, I am always strongly aware of the fact that, as someone who is neither an informaticist nor a clinician by background, my editorial authority derives from whatever strengths I can bring to my job as a seasoned and conscientious journalist.
Our industry is always changing, which makes our field both exciting and challenging, which is why I still enjoy practicing as a nursing informaticist.
During the year of the study, this required 10 hours per week from a pathology informaticist and 10 hours per week from an Epic analyst, for an estimated cost of $61,672 and $27,847, respectively (Figure).
Notte is a family physician and clinical informaticist for Abington (Pa.) Memorial Hospital.
It is difficult for me to answer exactly when I became a nurse informaticist. I think it depends on how you define nursing informatics.
As one of the company's co-founders and creators of its flagship product Avec, a federated data integration platform, Embi will add his expertise to the executive team as a practicing physician, researcher and informaticist.
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