influenza pneumonia

in·flu·en·za pneu·mo·ni·a

pneumonia complicating influenza.
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Poor sanitation could be a why influenza pneumonia is country's killer.
During her stay in intensive care, she was diagnosed with H1N1 influenza pneumonia.
The company said it believes that these preclinical data add to a growing body of evidence that supports the role of KL4 surfactant as a potential medical intervention to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with both seasonal and pandemic influenza pneumonia.
Sometimes the radiological appearance of primary influenza pneumonia can be difficult to distinguish from pulmonary edema because of the presence of perihilar congestion and hazy opacification, at least in the lower lobes.
Diagnoses included laboratory-confirmed pneumococcal pneumonia with laboratory-confirmed influenza (three cases) and without laboratory-confirmed influenza (four cases), influenza pneumonia (one case), and pneumonia with no identified etiology (eight cases).
Pathologic features of lung biopsy specimen from influenza pneumonia cases.
The most frequent serious flu complications are pulmonary, such as primary influenza pneumonia, secondary bacterial pneumonia, or chronic pulmonary diseases.
An old report, from 1919, describes TB diagnoses for patients who were not recovered completely from influenza pneumonia (3).
As well as preventing flu, the flu vaccine will protect against influenza pneumonia, and decreases the chance of getting pneumonia due to pneumococcus and other bacteria (because people are often infected with such bacteria when they have flu).
It is for this reason that a few individuals die of influenza pneumonia in spite of specific antiviral treatment.
Patients with influenza pneumonia should receive oseltamivir or zanamivir if the drugs are started within 48 hours of symptom onset.
The findings suggest that influenza pneumonia usually is benign in children and that influenza does not significantly increase the overall burden of pneumonia in previously healthy children, Dr.