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the act of bending inward, or the state of being bent inward.


, inflexion (in-flek'shŭn),
1. An inward bending.
2. Obsolete term for diffraction.
[L. in-flecto, pp. -flexus, to bend]


, inflexion (in-flek'shŭn)
An inward bending.
[L. in-flecto, pp. -flexus, to bend]

inflection, inflexion

the act of bending inward, or the state of being bent inward.
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We re excited to be investing in a sector that Inflexion knows well.
Co-Founder James Cotton, commented on the deal: "We are delighted that Inflexion has recognised the value of what we have established and share our ambition for the business.
Managing partner at Inflexion, Simon Turner, said : "CableCom is a terrific business that has grown strongly from a core strength in technology.
John Hartz, the managing partner at Inflexion, said: "We are pleased that during the period of our ownership, Iasist has grown from a small base, offering a limited set of products and breaking even to becoming the principal supplier of a co-ordinated suite of services to the healthcare organisations of Spain and Portugal.
Owens and three partners formed InfleXion Therapeutics in the BioVentures business incubator to further develop the process of customizing antibodies for use in blocking the adverse effects of drugs like PCP or methamphetamine on the brain.
With Motorola's InFLEXion technology, we are now able to provide a spectrum-efficient, cost-effective, high-quality voice messaging system," Conlee noted.
Mentor Graphics, Mentor, Nucleus, and Inflexion are registered trademarks and Sourcery and ReadyStart are trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation.
With the Inflexion product, Simco is easing its development workflow and costs by being able to create a more sophisticated cluster HMI that replaces mechanical gauges with intelligent screen-based displays.
DEAL OF YEAR From left, Paul Mankin, of PwC, and Tim Smallbone, of Inflexion, receiving the award from Jason Hobbs, of North East Finance.
proposed acquisition of a strategic interest in Inflexion plc, an AIM-listed
3 billon mobile handsets, and the Inflexion UI product line enables developers to quickly create graphically rich, dynamic 2D and 3D Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).