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In the present case, preterite fell is finite, but inflected subjunctive fell is not.
Verbs, too, are less inflected than ours, mainly existing in the basic, or infinitive, form, without regard to person, number, or even tense: "Yesterday we go to camp, find much trouble there." "Tomorrow we go up river." "Him go up river, come back today." The copulative is missing: "Him white trader.
Further, Landry notes that RTM growth has inflected, network fluidity is close to being fully restored, and the O.R.
Baquba / Nina /--Security source in Diyala said : - Army Aviation inflected a pro-active strikes on armed groups caches northeast of Baquba center of Diyala province today.
There are indications, however, that a new generation is starting to find its own voice, tempered and inflected by more exotic influences and general intellectual curiosity.
If Artwork succeeded in producing the kind of uncanny memorial poetry that Beck typically strives for, The Self-Portrait of Alex King, 2003, was, by design, less lyrically inflected. A large, matter-of-fact pastel of a newspaper page featuring the sweet face of another adolescent male killer--King, a twelve-year-old Florida boy, conspired with his thirteen-year-old brother to murder their father in 2001--it evoked the mechanisms whereby the media's endless reiteration of these personal cataclysms contributes to the sense, for certain vulnerable individuals, that acts of sociopathic violence offer some cathartic chance at individuation in the public eye.
And in each instance it inquires into political, economic, and religious factors that conditioned the reading of Mantuan and inflected its appropriation in sixteenth-century England.
Inflected by a generation of scholars who emphasized everything but the social, the argument here tries to reintegrate the cultural with the social.
Focusing on Morrison's intervention into the erasure of African American experience from the American literary and historical narrative, Matus calls The Bluest Eye (1970) "an imagined history of what it is to grow up black and female in the 1930s and 1940s." She points out that Morrison creates a community set upon by "standards, aspirations, and self-valuations" from outside which are not only a result of popular images community members consume, but also the result of the labor relationships and class positions which are inflected by race.
As his own irrefutable exegeses make clear, images have the ability to change in coloring in different contexts, to be inflected by other images even while retaining expressive communicability and clarity.
While Karcher obviously admires Child for these achievements, her admiration does not blind her to more complicated truths: Even though Child could overcome most of the prejudices and racially inflected ideologies of her era, nonetheless, as Karcher makes clear, she "would never succeed in formulating an ideal of human brotherhood that did not involve the absorption of other cultures into her own." Regrettable though this is - and Karcher deeply underscores this regret - we understand it, because Karcher weaves her subject into a set of historical circumstances that worked to repress such ideals.
Turrell's work fuses ancient tradition with contemporary influences--the crater is located on a working cattle ranch and the region is inflected by Native American, Western and modern cultures.