inflatable implant

in·flat·a·ble im·plant

an empty pliable container (most often composed of silicone rubber) with an inlet tube and a valve inserted into an internal site, then inflated with saline immediately or through a subcutaneous port, postoperatively, in order to expand a soft tissue space. Commonly used in reconstructive surgery to expand skin, in breast surgery, and in urologic surgery.
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A tissue expander is essentially an inflatable implant that is inserted under the breast skin and muscle during mastectomy.
The inflatable implant consists of a pair of cylinders that are surgically implanted into the penis.
The malleable, hinged, and mechanical rod types are particularly useful for older patients who lack the manual dexterity to operate an inflatable implant. These devices involve the implantation of two rod-like cylinders into the penis.
He was diagnosed as having a physiological problem, and an inflatable implant was suggested as a possible solution.
"It's a good cosmetic option if your cancer is not close to the nipple, but the nipple will lack sensation after the surgery." NSM also means that women who decide to have breast reconstruction have sufficient remaining breast skin that they can have single-stage breast reconstruction with an implant, rather than needing a tissue expander (an inflatable implant) to stretch the skin over several months.
Dubai Concerned over the growing number of men suffering from sexual dysfunction in the UAE, a government hospital this month has begun offering inflatable implants enabling them to lead normal sex lives.
Inflatable implants consist of paired cylinders, which are surgically inserted inside the penis and can be expanded using pressurized fluid (see figure 3).
So, three years ago I got inflatable implants and went up to size 32HH.
He was put on Viagra first, then given the inflatable implants after Lewis complained the sex drug wasn't working.