A dysfunction of the pelvic girdle characterized by medial rotation of the iliosacral joint.
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El vocabulario de este pasaje, mas alla de su tonalidad literaria, es el de la fisica, con palabras como uis, influere, inflare, grauitas, contentio.
4), bravo a cantare versi; Tamico eccelle nel suono del flauto (calamos inflare leuis, v.
In evaluating 50 Hong Kong Chinese participants, we found that the center of the foot is located at approximately 52% of the foot length measuring from the back of the foot (SD = 0.65%) and that Hong Kong participants have a mean inflare (inward curvature) of 3.2[degrees].
To counter this intellectual temptation, so that "knowledge cannot puff (him) up" (scientia inflare non possit) (OCD 2.42.63), he recommends that this work be approached "with a meek and humble heart" (mitem et humilem corde) (OCD 1.40.44; 2.41.62; 2.42.63).