A dysfunction of the pelvic girdle characterized by medial rotation of the iliosacral joint.
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El vocabulario de este pasaje, mas alla de su tonalidad literaria, es el de la fisica, con palabras como uis, influere, inflare, grauitas, contentio.
In evaluating 50 Hong Kong Chinese participants, we found that the center of the foot is located at approximately 52% of the foot length measuring from the back of the foot (SD = 0.65%) and that Hong Kong participants have a mean inflare (inward curvature) of 3.2[degrees].
To counter this intellectual temptation, so that "knowledge cannot puff (him) up" (scientia inflare non possit) (OCD 2.42.63), he recommends that this work be approached "with a meek and humble heart" (mitem et humilem corde) (OCD 1.40.44; 2.41.62; 2.42.63).