inflammatory pseudotumor

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an enlargement that resembles a tumor; it may result from inflammation, accumulation of fluid, or other causes, and may or may not regress spontaneously.
pseudotumor ce´rebri cerebral edema and raised intracranial pressure without neurological signs except occasional sixth-nerve palsy.
inflammatory pseudotumor a tumorlike mass resulting from an inflammatory reaction; it may occur in a variety of organs and is composed of granulation tissue with leukocyte infiltration.
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in·flam·ma·to·ry pseu·do·tu·mor

(in-flam'ă-tōr-ē sū'dō-tū'mŏr)
A tumorlike mass in the lungs or other sites, composed of fibrous or granulation tissue infiltrated by inflammatory cells.
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Idiopathic orbital myositis, also called myositis subtype of idiopathic orbital inflammatory pseudotumor, first described by Gleason (10) in 1903, is a myositis resulting in the inflammation of the extraocular muscles without any local or systemic reason.
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Plasma cell granuloma (inflammatory pseudotumor) of the breast.
The intraorbital findings of the IgG4-RD may include orbital inflammatory pseudotumor, which may present as unilateral or bilateral intraconal, conal, or extraconal masses, as shown in Fig.
The differential diagnosis of IPT-like FDC tumors is conventional inflammatory pseudotumor, because these tumors have similarity by presence of inflammatory cell and fibrotic tissue (9).
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Histopathology showed sclerosing infiltrative inflammatory pseudotumor, with significant positive staining for IgG4 plasma cells.
Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumors (IMT), formerly known as plasma cell granuloma or inflammatory pseudotumor, are rare benign tumors which can occur at all anatomic sites.
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The pathological analysis revealed an inflammatory pseudotumor with lymphocyte infiltration (IgG positive and IgG4 negative).

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